Ambulatory EHR EPM system based on cloud

Ambulatory EHR EPM system based on cloud

Client Overview

A healthcare startup from USA, client has several years of experience working on different areas of healthcare systems. They realized that there isn’t any healthcare system in market which is completely addressing many important requirements of doctors, patients and government regulations.

They decided to develop a system which addresses all the missing gaps, is most feature rich and user friendly.

Business Requirements

  • Cloud based end to end EHR system for eye care speciality
  • Web applications for
    • Electronic Practice Management (EPM)
    • Electronic Medical Record (EMR / EHR)
    • Patient Portal
    • Public portal for doctor’s directory
  • Tablet (Mobile) applications for
    • Electronic Medical Record (EMR / EHR)
    • Patient Reception (check-in)
  • Healthcare compliances and integrations
    • HIPAA
    • HL7 through Mirth Connect for Interoperability
    • HISP through HISPDirect and MDHT library for C-CDA and Health Information Exchange (HIE)
    • Meaningful Use (MU) compliances and certification. Clinical Quality Measures (CQM)
    • Rcopia (by DrFirst) for ePrescription
    • Gateway EDI for electronic claim submission & insurance eligibility check
    • Clinical Decision Support (CDS)
    • FramesData integration for eye care products inventory
  •   Auto-coding with ICD-10
  • Workflow, templates and image management
  • Advanced and extensive scheduling for appointments management
  • Inventory, Accounting (Invoice, Ledger, Accounts Receivable) and Optical Order management

Solution Overview

We have built the system on Liferay with Primeface/JSF (Liferay Faces) to achieve multi-tenancy and leverage many of Liferay’s out of the box features.

Liferay Service builder is used to generate local services and REST api for tablet (external) client.

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