Full featured Custom e-commerce platform

Full-featured Custom e-commerce platform

Client Overview

An ecommerce startup by a team with years of experience in international business. They realised the need for an open and transparent platform for producers (wineries specifically) to sell directly to the customers across the border. Thus eliminating traditional import/export channel and increasing profit margins for producers.

Business Requirements

  • Build an end to end eCommerce platform that allows wineries (producers) to focus on making good wines without worrying about logistics, order fulfilment, administration or customer service.
  • Multi-tenant and multi-regional (multi-lingual) architecture, which can be rolled out to different countries with minimum changes.
  • Must be fully customised and flexible enough to introduce new features for various user level. Features like customised promotions, promo code and coupon code, user specific discounts, etc…
  • Secure and easy to integrate with 3rd party systems.

Solution Overview

We have built the complete eCommerce  platform from scratch on Liferay to leverage many of it’s out of the box features.

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