Aras Product Lifecycle
Management System

Aras PLM is one the of the top open architecture
PLM System in the market.

Aras PLM Software is one the of the top open architecture PLM System in the market. Open architecture is critical for a long-term sustainability of a PLM system. Aras is built entirely on open web standards composed of

  • Web Client  
  • Database
  • Application server
  • File vaulting server

Aras PLM Software leverages SQL Server, .NET and Windows server. They also provide open software model, open interfaces and the use of open web standards hence enabling portability, interoperability, and extensibility.

CIMdata found that the Aras PLM Platform meets or exceeds the requirements of a Product Innovation Platform.


PLM which provides the right information as and when required helps make data-driven decisions. Hence with a lot of information means it has to also comply with the security rights. Aras is designed for highest level security.

User AuthenticationUser Authentication

The identity of a user attempting to login or access the system is verified to ensure secure access management.

ITAR ComplianceITAR Compliance

For defense technologies, information is very critical and if any leaks would cause a National security breach. Hence for any technology implementation, it has to comply with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Aras ensures compliance with ITAR.


Permission-based access control to determine what information is accessible to a particular user.

Audit & MonitoringAudit & Monitoring

For the most secure platform needs monitoring and auditing, hence making sure the platform stays compliant with the regulations. Administrators can get a real-time update on system intrusion.


Aras’ architecture allows an enterprise scale to a new level, making it easy for managing a significant number of users and supply chains. This also lets enterprise to handle large levels of throughput by using frequent short database transactions. Aras architecture is model-based SOA which is designed for scalability, flexibility, and extensibility. With scale-out and scale-up approach, ensures optimum scalability.

Open Architecture

Aras PLM Software provides control and flexibility for a business-critical solution, which is essential. The data model is fully accessible and can be modified as per the business needs. Aras incubator includes ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), ADO.NET and flat file. With an open architecture, it makes it’s easy to use, upgrade & scale.

Mobile Capability

Focused on delivering mobile apps that will drive effective collaboration. This is made possible by giving access to staffs with a secure mobile solution which provides critical information when required and makes an informed decision. The mobile solution is designed and developed well suited for the business process and policies.

Deployment Capability

Aras’ architecture is perfect for your business environment, it can be deployed on-site, hybrid & on a private cloud. The versatile deployment options are perfect for evolving business needs. You can migrate to different deployment options without the fear of losing any solution capabilities.

ARAS PLM Platform’s Capabilities

The platform is flexible, scalable and customizable as per the business process. The largest manufactures globally are opting for Aras PLM Software.

Bill of MaterialsBill of Materials

The perfect system should not be managed, the BOM across the internal electrical & software disciples but should also manage BOM is the extended supply chain. Aras PLM lets you manage multiple BOM, reducing time-to-market and improved cost management.  

CAD IntegrationCAD Integration

A key component of product design is CAD and supports a wide range of processes including digital prototyping and technical publications. Aras PLM can be integrated with all the popular MCAD and ECAD tools.

Quality & Compliance ManagementQuality & Compliance Management

Aras enables the manufacturers by filling the gap in the quality management processes and it can be integrated with change management which is business critical. Also enables to achieve compliance with regulatory quality standards like TS/16949, AS9100, FDA, and QSR.

Manufacturing Process PlanningManufacturing Process Planning

Aras PLM integrated both manufacturing data and processes, supporting graphical & concurrent process plan. It also has version controlled process planning with automatic EBOM/MBOM reconciliation.

Parts ManagementParts Management

Aras PLM allows full control over manufacturing, release or modifies parts, including automated workflow to manage the approval. New or modified parts delivery is critical to meet customer needs.

Change ManagementChange Management

As the product complexity increases the manufactures needs to communicate and adapt their supply chain accordingly. Aras makes it easier to manage change request, plan, and orders. It also gives the same visibility throughout the supply chain.

Project ManagementProject Management

Aras leads manufacture to achieve the manufacturing targets by combining project management, risk management & stage-gate methods. Also enables to link all the project tasks with status, enhancing the control even further.

Few more capabilities

  • Aras PLM supports:  
    • Direct API Access (vault, visualization, and workflow)
    • SOAP and REST
    • OOTB
    • Connections to ESB
  • Supplement the OOTB apps and develop solutions.
  • Easy for users to collaborate with different functions and domains.
  • Supports End-to-End Product Lifecycle.

Aras has a lot more to offer