Ecommerce Mobile App for a Leading Grocery Chain

Case study : Ecommerce Mobile App for a Leading Grocery Chain

Client overview

  • The client is an integrated real estate company, dealing in retail & mixed use properties development. 
  • They have a retail venture, which is a chain of free convenient pickup centres across the country.
  • They decided to enter into fresh food delivery, sourced locally & delivered exclusively through their pickup centers.

Business Requirements

  • Client wanted to combine convenience with customer experience for grocery shopping.
  • A unique objective of bringing in quality farm-fresh food to the city people. 
  • The requirement for an intuitive secure mobile app that connects the customers and grocery stores. 
  • Customer should be able to pre-order their groceries and select the location convenient for them to pick it up from. 
  • App should be able to manage the stock, orders, payment and real-time sync with the central server.

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