Comprehensive ERP-CRM Implementation for US-based Medical Equipment Distributor

Case Study: Comprehensive ERP-CRM Implementation for US-based Medical Equipment Distributor

Client Overview

  • Our client is a well-known name in the medical equipment industry for distribution of state-of-the-art medical equipment to government hospitals, corporate hospitals, top surgeons and nursing homes.
  • Our client shares three decades of combined experience in the medical equipment industry, delivering high-quality levels of customer support and service delivery.

Business Requirement

  • With the company headquartered in New York and other regional offices scattered across different states of the United States, the foremost requirement of our client was integration between the marketing, sales and customer service teams bundled with sales forecast and budgets
    that could further help the management make strategic decisions on the go
  • Our client mainly focuses on after-sales services, to which a CRM solution would help them provide high-quality customer support and service to their customers.
  • Additionally, with our client planning to expand both geographically and business-wise, a real-time view of the entire operations was the need of the hour.
  • Going by the business nature, since the company widely deals with repeat customers, it was essential for our client to record the transactions and store master data. It was also imperative for us to study the changing trends and plan our role in newly developing business landscape

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