Hospital Reception App

Case Study: Hospital Reception App

Client Requirements

  • A client is one of the leading healthcare organization in the USA
  • Immense experience in the healthcare domain, they carry out various R&D for human well being and advancements in the medical industry
  • Having several patents and pioneering innovations in the healthcare domain to their credits

Business Requirements

  • The healthcare organization had disintegrated systems wherein EHR/HIS are not in sync with CRM which led to a loss of intelligence about patients, inability to provide the right set of health information to patients and missed business growth areas
  • There also was a requirement to streamline everyday tasks such as scheduling, insurance management, and collections while enabling the healthcare organization’s reception to focus on patient satisfaction and practice profitability
  • These bottlenecks clearly called for the integration of clinical data and healthcare organization’s relationship system so as to deliver exceptional patient engagement

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