Integrating eCommerce system with Salesforce for Grocery Provider

Case Study :Integrating eCommerce system with Salesforce for Grocery Provider

Client Overview

  • The client is Argentina based family owned Grocery store. 
  • Client is eCommerce marketplace to help grocery drive direct Home. 
  • For the client, it’s a one-stop-shop to discover, compare & purchase Grocery. Client takes care of logistics, invoicing, order processing & customer service.

Business Requirements

  • Client’s objective was to integrate their legacy eCommerce system with Salesforce to increase customer satisfaction and to speed up on sales cycle. 
  • Integrate Salesforce Pardot for capture new leads and set up drip campaigns.  
  • A better integrated eCommerce system for handling the customer complain on the salesforce quickly and resolve it faster.  
  • The Client’s family-run business has been known for its expansive selection, expert staff and excellent customer service.
  • While businesses remained healthy, client could sense a shift in their customers’ buying behaviour. Their weekly ads in social media drew attention, but the audience wasn’t new. They found an engaged new audience growing on their website and social media pages but had a hard time tracking that to sales.

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