Seamless Communication with Salesforce Health Cloud

Case study : Seamless Communication with Salesforce Health Cloud


Industry: Healthcare Industry
Location: North America
Technology: Salesforce Health Cloud

Client overview

  • Our client is a leading provider in the healthcare industry. After being in the industry for 2 decades, they have transformed the outlook of healthcare and state-of-art patient care.
  • They currently have their roots in North America with a customer base of 20,000.
  • The client has reached out to AIMDek for the digital management of health records, cost-effective data privacy architecture, and personalized user experience.


  • Our client already has a streamlined system of maintaining patient records. However, due to glitches in single-view or one-click view of patient history, they needed support and consultation for the implementation of a unified data overview.
  • Therefore, AIMDek’s experts suggested the utilization of Salesforce Health Cloud for improved data view, better patient journey, and personalized user engagement.

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