Digital Solutions
for Automotive Dealers

Driving digital value and delivering business value
with comprehensive IT Solutions for automotive dealerships

Enabling automotive dealers with transformative digital services

The automotive industry is in a position of flux. Significant shifts in customer behavior are compelling automotive dealers to regularly integrate emerging new technologies in the dealerships to help reinvent business strategies, models and to augment their interaction with the new digital customer. Customers wish to be connected via seamless digital channels with dealerships, service providers; compelling automotive dealerships to transform their product-centric strategy to the customer and service-centric strategy. The need for omnichannel experience has been the result of the desire to shift to a more customer-centric business model.


Enriching dealerships with tailor-made digital experiences by uniting our domain expertise, knowledge of operations and insights into new technologies to provide a wide range of comprehensive software solutions for the automotive dealerships.


AIMDek’s software solutions for automotive dealerships encapsulates personalized functionalities, enhanced technical support and next-gen technology solutions while helping to grow revenues, reinvent business models, boost customer interactions and enhance operational excellence.

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    Digital Workplace for Automotive Dealers

    Digitizing dealerships by empowering employees with integrated communications

    We enable digital workplace within dealerships by developing intranet portals that connect people and systems via an intuitive interface focused on productivity. We equip dealership staff with collaborative capabilities, advanced search, role-based access, messaging solutions in an integrated and comprehensive intranet portal.


    • Social Collaboration
    • A secure document management system
    • Role-based knowledge management system
    • Intuitive content management and publishing
    • Workforce directory and profiles
    • Forms and workflows
    • Easy data access

    Mobile App Development for Automotive Dealerships

    Mobilize dealerships confidently with end-to-end and full cycle mobility solutions

    We empower car dealerships to outdo their competitors by providing engaging mobile apps. It helps increase buyers at dealership lot, win competitive leads, increase service appointments and improves customer retention. Our mobile app allows wide-range of operations like scheduling service appointments, search dealership inventory, access service offers and coupons and much more.


    • Service appointment scheduling
    • Dealership inventory
    • Service offers and coupons
    • Loyalty rewards
    • Customer referrals
    • Geo-fencing
    • Push notifications and reminders

    Customer Self-Service Portal Development for Automotive Dealerships

    Catering customers with instant access to information, allowing personalization saving valuable time and organizational resources

    We enhance customer experience with customer self-service portal which cuts down the turnaround time for addressing huge volumes of customer transactions while minimizing overall operational costs. The portal caters to a holistic view of the customer while enabling to track, manage and resolve issues quickly within the Service Level Agreement.


    • Consolidated account management
    • Intelligent document management
    • Real-time updates for customers for purchase,  services, offers and complaint statuses
    • Intuitive knowledge-base
    • Online catalog
    • Online ordering

    Franchise Portal/Partner Portal Development for Automotive Dealerships

    Collaborate, Communicate and Amplify Partner relations with custom partner portals

    We enable automotive retailers to benefit from a robust partner network by seamlessly managing all their distributors, franchisees, affiliates and more- all in one place. We design dedicated personalized partner relationship management portal with pruned content that ensures that all the partners stay connected and receive relevant critical updates on the brand information.


    • Mobile responsive
    • Learning management system
    • Lead management
    • Renewals
    • Incentive and loyalty programs
    • Performance monitoring and management

    Chatbot Implementation for Automotive Dealers

    Drive customer engagement and augment dealership’s customer service with AI-powered chatbots for dealerships

    We support customers in the automotive dealerships by implementing AI enabled chatbot applications for pre-sales, post-sales and customer interaction center support by leveraging natural language processing and machine learning technologies. Our chatbots steadily increases their capabilities to offer resourceful assistance to customers while economizing processes for dealerships.


    • Test-drive scheduling
    • Service-appointment scheduling
    • Product discovery
    • Financing tools/EMI calculators
    • Reports and analytics
    • Inventory sync
    • Promotional offers

    Website Development/Website Redesign for Automotive Dealers

    Catering integrated user experience by streamlining applications, processes, content, and access to data with full-cycle website development for dealerships

    Addressing the growing demand for better user experiences, advanced back-end capabilities, and new transactional models, we are positioned to deliver full-cycle website solutions of a wide variety of types, scope, and complexity for dealerships.


    • Responsive/Adaptive website layout
    • Search engine optimized
    • Social integration
    • Inventory showcase
    • Content targeting
    • Mobile responsive

    We unite automotive industry domain proficiency with our capabilities in mobility, website, AI, analytics and more to develop various Digital Automotive Experience solutions so as to target the new age digital customers. The automotive industry is quickly disrupting and these solution offerings from AIMDek is specifically designed to help bridge the gap while improving growth, profitability and shareholder value for automotive dealerships.

    Fuel digital transformation and drive optimum business value with our rich portfolio of digital solutions for dealerships