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Introduction to BFSI

In the digital universe, the banking, financial services, and insurance industry are standing at the cusp of a digital revolution. The evolved challenges such as satisfactory customer services, bringing operational efficiency, increasing cost-effectiveness, adhering to compliances, and others are necessary to address to stay ahead in the competition. Besides, the accelerated dependency of the customers on technology usage has made- overlooking the IT solutions no more an option for every industry.

Our banking IT solutions, IT solutions for financial services, and insurance IT solutions are designed by the team of experts wearing the customers’ lens that delivers high-quality services while meeting industry-specific requirements. The consulting services, be it Insurance Technology Consulting Services help clients in analyzing and understanding how BFSI-based Insurance software solutions help their organizations accomplish the goals for robust security, optimal operations, satisfactory customer service, and improved ROI.

We have served the BFSI domain globally with our novel IT solutions which have delighted the clients worldwide. The agile processes and methodologies allow us to meet the excellence.

Services We Provide



Still unsure- how can BFSI-based software fill the voids and bring new opportunities to your organization? AIMDek’s business and technology consultants provide the best suggestions for IT solutions with a detailed plan that helps you achieve the targets.



Got interested in embracing fintech solutions to leapfrog the competition? AIMDek is the right choice to get a unique BFSI solution customized to your business needs for better results. The team provides end-to-end support from custom development to implementation.



Our team helps clients with Salesforce and Microsoft solutions customization and implementation to integration and configuration services based on their business requirements. The seamless integration ensures your organization harnesses IT solutions’ capabilities



We assist the organizations looking to shift legacy business processes to digital Microsoft or Salesforce solutions. The efficient migration services ensure safe and secure data transfer from existing apps to new IT solution.



AIMDek is a trusted partner of Salesforce and Microsoft services ensuring high-quality, optimal support services. The customer support team guide according to SLAs and quickly resolve the queries that come from our clients.

Why are Fintech Organizations Giving More Credence to AIMDek?

AIMDek takes the center stage when it comes to supercharging organizations by harnessing the potential of salesforce, Microsoft, and other IT solutions. We offer banking, finance, and insurance technology consulting services with tailored IT solutions catering to the needs of the BFSI industry. The scalable banking software, digital finance solutions, and Insurance IT Solutions are customized by the pool of IT superheroes leveraging the years of industry-specific experience and technology expertise, which results in surpassing the client’s expectations.

General Solutions

Data integration solution

Data integration solution

Security solutions

Security solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

BFSI Portal Design & Development

BFSI Portal Design & Development

BFSI industry is a highly regulated industry, where customer data stays at the heart to make the analytical decisions. But it’s sensitive, which must be handled and managed safely and securely to ensure customer data and transactional data are not accessed unauthorizedly or illegally. At AIMDek, the integration solutions for financial services, banking, and insurance industry ensure data won’t go into the wrong hands through data leakage prevention (With strict policies and technology frameworks), access rights management, and authentication arrangement during financial data integration.

Cyberattacks are increasing with technology progress at the same speed. They have grown from minor fraud of credit card hacks and phishing attacks to huge enterprise network-based attacks that put the entire enterprise data at stake. Thanks to financial service security solutions that shield the data from all types of frauds.

With growing mobile prominence, it’s paramount to mobilize the BFSI IT solutions to enable businesses to perform to the notch. The enterprise mobility technology helps in step with the trend through precise mobile enablement across all the business processes and workflow.

  • Operations tracking has gone mobile
  • Introducing business intelligence in enterprise systems
  • Live tracking with real-time notifications
  • Cloud-based services
  • Digital banking & financial management
  • Mobile banking services

The intuitive interface engineered with the blend of brilliant graphics, appealing design elements, and clean, concise, and contextual content makes the users interested in browsing banking, financial, and insurance portals. A couple of tactics keep the business step ahead in the competition.

  • Effortless navigation
    Allow users to easily navigate and easily reach the web page they are looking for.
  • Data access management
    Assign privileges to the users to access limited data that prevents illegal access.
  • Banner/product design becomes a breeze
    The banners, emails, and products are dynamically designed hassle-free.
  • Visually appealing
    The well-designed UI intrigue the users and engages them while browsing.
  • User-friendliness
    The complex functionalities crafted in a user-centered way make them simple to use.
  • Social media integration
    Harness social power to improve business awareness, traffic, and ROI.

Our Tech Expertise

  • The world’s #1 CRM leader thrives at providing a unified of customers by uniting the various segments across the financial segments. The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud makes every interaction personalized by connecting the dots organization-wide.
  • Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

    The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud solution is specially designed for the financial service industry. The 360-degree of customers helps in cementing customer relationships and improving retention. This Salesforce CRM software is a great fit for financial institutions, financial consultants, insurance companies, investment brokers, and others under the financial services umbrella.Besides, it has reinvented the way the customers’ data is leveraged by financial organizations for business operations, sales, and marketing departments by connecting siloed data. The unified view of data enables delivering personalized experiences across all the customer touchpoints irrespective of the device and communication channel used. The improved customer loyalty and strengthened trust are the by-products of it.Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a boon for the service team with improved visibility into customers’ data anytime, anywhere. It allows the team to access data and valuable insights for every customer that helps in dealing with customers uniquely and resolving the queries off the bat. That’s why the salesforce CRM takes the driver seat in insurance firms. It enables sales reps and service reps to cater to the needs of every policyholder and recommend the right insurance coverage with complete access to real-time data and insights. A couple of more benefits that insurance companies cherish.

    • Improve onboarding Activity workflows
    • Recommend the relevant Offer
    • Analyzing Customer Journeys after and before transactions
    • AMS Integration for 360-degree Customer View

How is Salesforce Financial Service Cloud Turning the Table Upside Down

  • Game-changing solution for Capital Markets

    Custom technology integration into Salesforce Financial Services Cloud allows capital firms to enable digital-first transition, including- process alignment and operations optimization through workflow tools. The AI research tools power the bankers with access to relevant information and rich insights that are used as a strategic advantage to close the deal from anywhere. The improved collaboration and compliance capabilities ensure a seamless client onboarding process and progress tracking.

    • Seize an extra Edge with an AI-based relationship discovery tool.
    • Adhere to stringent compliance and Data Regulatory Requirements.
    • Real-time Analytics to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Unfolding opportunities for Banking and Lending space

    The apt insights access and relevant interactions across all the communication channels (Social Networks, Mobile Messaging, and Chatbots) help the banking and lending team to better engage the customers. The banking and lending firms can analyze and prioritize customers (Via intelligent routing rules), position the lead in the sales funnel, ensure coordination among all the team members with greater visibility into customer data (From Actionable Relationship Center) through salesforce financial cloud leverage. It enhances the borrowing process with a 360-degree view of customers and so on.

    • Automate lead creation from digital records.
    • Automatically accommodate the regulatory changes in banking and lending.
    • Set a standard in retail banking for modern customers.
    • Seamlessly track the progress in the commercial lending process
    • Facilitate member services for special customers based on the journey.
  • Taking Wealth and Asset Management up a notch

    Ensuring transparency and trust in Wealth and Asset Management firms is like managing complex investment portfolios and customer relationship management on the same hand. With Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, the team can access the customers’ account information to the moment across the network, which enables wealth advisors to provide smart and personalized advice from anywhere. It helps Wealth and Asset Management firms to make sure every goal is met.

    • Einstein-powered next best action recommendation enables personalized recommendations.
    • Improved visibility into financial accounts and assets.
    • Seamlessly deliver tailored advice across all the communication channels.
    • Marketing automation improves the time spent on customer engagement.
    • Reduced administrative work results in enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Microsoft Financial service cloud

    Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services reimagining the financial services by accelerating innovation into personalized experiences delivery, customer connections strengthening, financial cybercrime combat, compliance adherence, and employee empowerment. It enables financial institutions to put the customers first and better engage them with a 360-degree view of customer data, self-service mobile tools, and financial summaries, which drives sustainable growth.

  • Modernizing banking sector

    Integrate Microsoft cloud financial services in banking sector DNA with Microsoft financial cloud solutions. It’s shifting legacy banking systems to digital, agile systems that support AI and ML technology, which allow banks to compete in a data-driven ecosystem and tap new opportunities. The real-time payment system has created a breakthrough in addressing the evolved customers’ needs. The payment data is utilized to make tailored suggestions for banking products and services in real-time.

  • Azure solution

    Azure financial services cloud helps banking, insurance, and capital markets to get ahead of the pack with instant connection with customers through multiple channels and wow experience delivery with customized needs fulfillment. With Microsoft azure financial services, stepping in with finance trends and addressing market challenges has become feasible.The advanced tools empower employees to create the hybrid strategy and act upon detected fraud at the speed of banking. Azure for financial services is backed by AI and ML technology and high-performance computing that ensures next-gen Azure financial services development that is scalable and secure.

  • Business central for finance & insurance industry

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps finance and insurance businesses propel forward with automation and proactive insights that help in personalizing customer experiences and boosting employee productivity. With several products such as customer insights, sales, marketing, customer service, fraud protection, and customer voice under the Dynamics 365 platform umbrella, the financial services providers are succeeding in delighting the customers and accelerating the growth.

  • Liferay- the digital experience software provides Liferay finance solutions for clients, advisors, and employees to engineer unmatched experiences for your customers. Various portals are built by Liferay for finance companies to adapt to unique processes and overcome challenges.
  • CLIENT PORTAL is a self-service customer portal that’s designed to attract, serve, and engage the customers with tailored content, reduced complexity, and streamlined checkout experiences.
  • ADVISORY PORTAL enables insurance agents, brokers, and partners to become more productive with streamlined workflows, cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, 360-degree view of customers data, in-context analytics and KPIs, personalized quotes delivery, and improved communication channels. It helps in building a long-lasting relationship with customers that guarantees long-term success.

    Staying relevant to the customers and keeping every interaction meaningful is imperative in evolving climate. Wealth management solutions help the wealth management industry to outpace the changes with customer retention and customer acquisition through personalized omnichannel experiences creation. Supercharging the advisors with digital customers’ data in real-time makes them spend more time with customers in sealing deals. The automated digital processes and cloud infrastructure maximize operational efficiency and increase profits.

  • Mobile & Web Development Apps

    At AIMDek, the secure and scalable web and mobile apps are engineered in an agile fashion for businesses globally. The team of coding superheroes, design gurus, QA & testing experts, and marketeers ensure that full-fledged solutions meet the digital needs of the business

  • ERP Systems

    With a shift from legacy to cloud ERP, we help you control, manage, and handle the manufacturing processes at various phases. The custom ERP solution ensures sheer transparency, no data loss when the system fails, high accuracy, and product quality from planning to manufacturing and final distribution.

  • Custom Software Development

    In the era of personalization, we facilitate custom solution development that’s tailor-made to the business requirements. The discovery workshop helps us better understand your business project requirement, agile methodology keeps you sailing in the team’s boat, and the latest technology leverage ensures the solution remains up-to-date.