Oracle PLM Software

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Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Software

Enterprise PLM has been precisely defined as a strategic approach to efficiently manage the end-to-end lifecycle of a product across its entire value chain covering everything from gathering primary requirements stretching to designing, prototyping, procuring certifications, production processes, personalization, service and retirement.

Oracle PLM efficiently unifies all the associates who are an integral part of the value chain thereby transforming various fragmented engineering and design processes in organizations into data-driven product value chains with exceptional development procedures, capabilities and 360 degree visibility in every product information along with real-time cross-functional collaboration across the whole network.

Pioneer in conceptualization and delivering Enterprise PLM Software

Having pioneered the concept and delivery of Enterprise PLM Solution, Oracle PLM also innovates in product lifecycle analytics, product data quality, project portfolio management, enterprise visualization, customer needs management and product serialization management. Oracle Agile product lifecycle management solutions enable organizations to:

Accelerate innovationAccelerate innovation

By efficient ideation management and collaboration, data consolidation and cleansing and valuable enterprise product record.

Design for supplyDesign for supply

With product supply risk analytics, outsourced product manufacturing and collaborations and cost management for products.

Rapidly commercializeRapidly commercialize

By meticulous business planning and integrated portfolios, quality management and analytics and accelerated product commercialization.

Oracle PLM Software is a Modular suite of Applications

Oracle Enterprise PLM is a commutable suite of various applications that allows users to choose and implement different combinations of modules, suiting best to their business model, existing operating systems and their needs. It provides completely integrated modules for the following PLM Processes:

Enterprise Product Record

This caters secure, timely, precise visibility and control of product data and processes to every shareholder at every stage in the product life cycle

Enterprise Product Data Hub

Facilitates organizations to consolidate all the product information and create a single view of all the crucial product data across all the existing functional departments.

Data Quality Management

Allows organizations to devise consistent and dependable product information by quickly identifying and applying various standards across various repositories, systems and processes.

Product Collaboration

Assists users to share product information and structure and allows them to manage changes across the network globally.

Customer Needs Management

Enables organizations to seize ideas and requirements, product design, conceptualize and collaborate at global level with engineer to order and idea management

Engineering Collaboration

This integrates PLM with all the preeminent MCAD and ECAD packages while ensuring engineering processes are wholly leveraged across the entire product lifecycle.

Enterprise Visualization

Caters native document visualization for over 460 file formats

Serialization Management

Empowers organizations to manage and enforce mass serialization of products and share the data across entire supply chain

Variant Management

Offers best approach to manage different portfolios of relevant products and its variants throughout the lifecycle.

Product governance and compliance

Empowers organizations to manage products and material compliance against different governance standards and regulatory needs.

Product quality management

Enhances product quality and customer satisfaction by seamlessly integrating customer, product, quality and regulatory data within a corrective action system.

Product cost management

Allows organizations to manage costs by providing early and real time cost insights

Materials and equipment management

This allows to organize and manage different product assets to support engineering teams that are distributed across various locations

Recipe Management

Safeguards quality and traceability by catering full control of ingredients, formulations for optimization and entire compliance screening engine

Product Portfolio management

Offers firmly synchronized product and program data, maximized resource utilization, cross-program visibility and decision support throughout entire product lifecycle

Product lifecycle analytics

Delivers flexible and preconfigured dashboards and reporting facilities for generating detailed reports covering every aspect of product life cycle.

Oracle PLM Software is more than just a Technology Solution

Enterprise Product lifecycle management software is so much more than just a technology that emphasises on risk mitigation, quality control, rapid innovation, cross-functional collaboration, process efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Organizations adopting Enterprise PLM software reap many advantages like

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Improved product quality
  • Increased profitability for products
  • More efficient value chain
  • Easy and quick compliance with industry regulations
  • Improved decision-making based on accurate and comprehensive data
  • Improved and enhanced management insights into product-related processes throughout the value chain
  • High security, scalability and reliability

While you remain busy crafting/designing the products of future,
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