Scrum Ninja support brief

Feature List:

  1. Use the “Scrum Ninja” command to get the welcome card
  2. Use the “Scrum Ninja Help” command to get the help card
  3. Use the “Scrum Ninja Open Settings” command to get the settings card.
  4. Use the “Scrum Ninja Start scrum” command to start a scrum
  5. From Setting Page a user can configure scrum settings like at what time a scrum would start and end, who are the members participating in it, and after what minutes a one-time reminder should be sent to all the members who haven’t yet completed filling their scrum status.
  6. If no scrums are configured for a particular channel then the “Scrum Easy Start scrum”command will return an error stating no scrums configured for the channel.
  7. If multiple scrums are configured for a particular channel then the “Scrum Ninja Start scrum” command will return an adaptive card mentioning all the scrums configured for the channel and clicking on the name of a particular scrum starts that scrum.
  8. If only one scrum is configured for a particular channel then the “Scrum Ninja Start scrum” command will immediately start that scrum.
  9. Scrum reminders are sent only once.
  10. Scrum card contains three buttons: the “Update status” button opens a card where users can fill their scrum status. The “Scrum details” button opens a card showing scrum status details of each user and the “End Scrum” button when clicked opens the confirmation box asking users if they really do want to end the scrum or not.


Note: Ensure that everyone who needs to participate in the scrum is already part of the team before the scrum begins. Team members added during an active scrum will not be able to contribute to the active running scrum.

Note: if an existing team member is removed from a scrum team during an active scrum, they can still contribute to the active scrum or end it. The user will not be a part of the scrum from the next iteration onward.

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Accounts: No specific account needed for testing.

Use Case:


  • Say that Alexa is a Project lead in Aimdek Technologies and leads multiple teams that are spread across multiple locations and time zones. She uses the Scrum Ninja app in Microsoft Teams to conduct scrums and enable all her team members to share their daily work updates easily.
  • Once Alexa installs the app, she opens the settings screen using the command ‘Open settings’ which allows her to configure a scrum
  • She selects the required team members, the start & end time of the scrum, the reminder interval after which the team member will notify again to fill the scrum if anyone has not filled already, the time zone in which the scrum will be initiated, the channel for scrum updates, frequency value Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Weekdays and frequency value based upon the selection of frequency. She can choose to configure multiple scrums if required by selecting different team members
  • The app auto starts a scrum as per the schedule and sends an adaptive card with scrum details in the channel as configured and notifies all the associated team members.
  • The adaptive card displays scrum summary details like the number of people who contributed to the scrum, the status of the scrum, and the number of team members that are blocked.
  • All the team members will be able to update their details and see what others in the team have posted through action buttons on the adaptive card. On every update, the card is refreshed to reflect the current scrum status
  • Anyone in the team can end a scrum at a given point in time. Once a scrum ends, the card is refreshed, reflecting the scrum status as Closed
  • The app initiates the scrum again the next day at the scheduled time. The previous scrum will auto end at 12:00 AM at the user-specified timezone.



Sample Demo :

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Scrum Ninja Demo


User Guide:

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Scrum Ninja User Guide

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