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Automotive retail is continually moving from a product-driven approach to a customer-centric approach to drive customer loyalty and to become accustomed to evolving customer behavior and expectations. An upsurge in the new mobility concepts and evolving mobility preferences of customers are triggering automotive retailers to reform their present business models. Customers are now increasingly empowered having access to information across multiple touchpoints- anytime, anywhere.


Today, automotive companies are focusing to improve their growth, profitability and customer value. We draw on our industry knowledge, collaborative approach and established technical capabilities for auto retailers bringing them innovation and simplicity to thrive in today’s digital transformation imperative and help them become the best-run business. Our solutions and services aim at the major issues across the automotive value chain and are created to help you compete in today’s challenging business landscape. 


Drive results in every area of your automotive dealership by exploring our fully integrated, configurable automotive software solutions, designed to meet all your business needs. Gain an edge by bringing innovation and simplicity throughout present-day’s digital transformation imperative and become the best-run business with our intuitive automotive software solutions.

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    Omni-channel experience is the key

    The automotive ecosystem is being hit with three major forces- technological advances, competition,  and increasingly tech-savvy and empowered customers which provides a new opportunity for innovation, business model transformation and customer engagement as new players enter the automotive market and initiate to capture a share of the value stream. To embrace these forces, automotive retailers have recognized the value of a truly omnichannel experience that combines the best of physical and the digital and makes the transition between the two hassle-free. The need for omnichannel experience has been the result of the desire to shift to a more customer-centric business model.

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    How does digital experience make a difference in New Car Sales?

    Dealerships will continue to play a major role as key channels for building personal relationships with consumers. Although, they will need to reform their infrastructure to improve accessibility and flexibility. Customer preferences demand the development of market-specific mixes of physical and digital brand presence besides the new distribution models. These new distribution models will empower the automotive retailers to communicate closely with consumers and cater them with more specific services and product experiences.

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    How can AIMDek Help?

    Intranet Portal

    We design an intranet portal that manages end-to-end distribution processes like ordering, cataloging, tracking and integration with various data services. It also is a unified internal communication tool. Our unified business solutions combine key processes like CRM, inventory and order management, product catalogs and price management, transportation and warehouse management etc.

    Customer Portal

    Today’s customers are mobile, digital and connected in an enormous way. They want solutions fast-wherever they are and whenever they need them.  Make it hassle-free for your customers to locate information, manage their accounts or connect with any agent seamlessly with customer portals. Deliver an exceptional self-service experience for your customers to increase their engagement and satisfaction with our comprehensive customer portal.

    Partner Portal

    Seamlessly manage all your distributors, affiliates, resellers and more- all in one place. We design partner relationship management portal to support key industry sales and service processes that produce superior customer value and drive profitable, long-term customer relationships. With PRM for automotive, we help you streamline and automate your vehicle sales management, after sales support and services, service parts management and dealer business management.

    Omnichannel solution

    We cater innovative platform that unifies merchandising, branding, customer engagement, order fulfillment and purchasing into a single application that empowers automotive retailers of every shape and size to seamlessly incorporate omnichannel retailing into their business strategy. We offer a unified data aggregation platform that binds online, offline, internal and external data together. This centralized data repository caters to automotive retailers with actionable resources and enables for data migration across multiple channels.

    The automotive Retail industry is constantly inclining towards a model driven by exceptional customer experience and loyalty and mobility services offered by a trusted brand, aligned with evolving customer expectations about the dealership experience. OEMs and automotive retailers must disrupt the present retailer network into a more profitable, modern sales and marketing channel that unites vast opportunities of technologies with the latest vision of customary retail supporting clicks, bricks and handshakes to meet customer’s expectations.

    With extensive industry knowledge and exposure to technologies, we are uniquely equipped to manage all your needs with a rich portfolio of automotive software solutions