Intranet Portal Solution

Empower your employees for a better collaboration and communication
by implementing an Intranet portal solution.

Custom Intranet Portal Solution for Enterprise

AIMDek’s well-designed and secure intranet portal solution facilitates employees/stakeholders in the organization to communicate, participate and collaborate better while raising productivity and revenues. Intranet eases out all the unnecessary complications that crop up in the complex business processes. We address the problems of bringing your enterprise together regardless of its location or size and offer modular portals that assist you to manage the organizational knowledge and share content as per requirements.

Designing & Developing Custom Intranet portal

Hassle-free Navigation

We assure the content of your intranet portal effortlessly available with features like smart search and content indexing. We provide easy navigation in form of mega-menu and well-defined page structure and breadcrumbs where any information can be readily searched categorically.

Seamless Content Management

Employees possess most of the information in any organization. We extend spaces like document repository to the employees where they benefit from promptly search the relevant content and interact with the thought conceiver. Roles are assigned to employees to enable content update independently at every department level. This thus boosts the latest content while also reducing dependency on one department/team.

Secure Document Management

We offer intranet solutions for single-point access to cumulative corporate projects, information, and documents with secure live document collaboration capabilities along with permission management.

Intelligent Collaboration

Facilitating your organization with intelligent bots that simplify mundane business processes, automate repetitive tasks, provide relevant information and assures relevant collaboration with employees by allowing them to share, view and comment on posts through blogging feature of the intranet.

Application flexibility with integration

We ensure our platform’s flexibility to integrate with other legacy application within your organization as an intranet acts as the central knowledge hub for any organization.


In the ‘mobile first’ era, access to portable devices is a mandate. We ensure access to resources and information anywhere anytime, regardless of the device you use.

Employee Directory

Facilitating sorted access to information on co-workers. Details like employee department, email id, location, desk number are made readily available.

Platform-based implementation

We facilitate full scope of collaboration portals beyond custom intranet solution development with smart content management and process automation from varied technologies, platforms, and vendors into integrated user experiences.

Why Implement an Intranet Solution?

  • Enhanced productivity, communication, and collaboration
  • Enables knowledge sharing and access
  • Enhanced competitiveness like information accessibility and time-to-market
  • Enhanced infrastructure utilization in the organization
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Flattens differences in the organization

Empower your employees for a better collaboration and communication by digitizing your workspace