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Data Interoperability And Cloud Optimization For MedTech’s Wearable, DaaS, And Clinical Intelligence Platform

Industry - Healthcare/MedTech

About Customer: 

Our customer is disrupting the MedTech industry with medical-grade wearable devices integrated with a clinical intelligence platform to create a health and data ecosystem of predictive analytics and algorithmic clinical insights along with wearable continuous remote monitoring capabilities. Their FDA-approved non-invasive smart wearable devices provide personalized patient care, clinical workflow automation, and proactive care capabilities. 

Key Highlights:

  • Unique products that provide comprehensive ambulatory, acute, post-acute, and remote care capabilities 
  • Devices that measure, store and securely transfer continuous monitoring of vital body signs 
  • Breakthrough disruptor of the MedTech Industry that provides personalized care as well as workflow efficiencies with cloud-based data analytics and algorithmic-based alerting 
  • Secured Series B funding of $45 Million and 10+ collaborations for optimum product scalability and collective growth of the digital health industry 

Outcomes Delivered: 

  • Secure Cloud Infrastructure that enabled seamless integrations and collaborations 
  • 15% faster infrastructure deployment for faster go-to-market 
  • 56% improvement in end-user mobile experiences 
  • Medical devices with effective connectivity, performance and data transfer capabilities 
  • Access to integral data that ensured informed decision making