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Architecture Review And

From identifying the critical quality requirements to conducting end-to-end platform architecture review and reengineering, AIMDek can ensure that your digital solutions are top-notch and updated

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Performance Issues In Technology Can Damage Your Brand Image

With the culture of continuous development and CI/CD in various ISVs and enterprises having vast digital platforms implemented, many times organizations deploy solutions without thorough quality assessment to meet their timelines. Such releases can affect the security, scalability, and functionality of the platforms and that may affect the overall reliability and manageability.

We Provide End-To-End Architecture Evaluation And Re-Engineering Services To Our Clients!

  • Review certain parts of your digital ecosystem or the entire platform architecture.
  • Experts that can help you evaluate and identify the problems in quality and deliver a detailed report.
  • Along with possible solutions and implementation roadmap.
  • Also get a cross-functional team to implement the changes that we suggested with platform reengineering services.
  • Collaborate and make your digital ecosystem scalable, flexible and interoperable.

Architecture Review And Reengineering Services

Architecture Review

Our experts start the journey by identifying the scope of the review. Once the scope is defined, we start with a thorough platform or product analysis to identify the system silos, pitfalls, and problems in the architecture and analyze ways to align your digital ecosystem with market standards and business goals

Review Report And Roadmap

Once the analysis is complete, we provide our clients with a detailed review report with all the identified problems and recommendations to keep their digital ecosystem updated, seamless and integrated. We also define the scope, roadmap, and timeline of system and product reengineering

Platform Reengineering Services

Based on the defined scope of reengineering, we take the cloud native approach and provide complete platform reengineering services. Right from cloud migration to custom development, design and integration services, we deploy a cross-functional team of developers, designers, and QA experts for complete platform reengineering.

Employ The AIMDek Edge

Value-driven Offerings

Along with technical expertise, we have established protocols, processes and channels that ensure optimum transparency and seamless partnerships

Goal-oriented Digital Solutions

We ensure that all the digital solutions that we deliver to our clients align with their business goals and customer expectations

Cutting-edge IT Infrastructure

With our ISO 27001 certified facility, we equip our technology experts with the latest tools and environment to ensure optimum quality

The Rare Pool Of Resources

Work with the top technology experts that have an entrepreneurial mindset and optimum exposure in all our target industries

The AIMDek Partnership

We at AIMDek believe in walking the extra mile because we do not just close a sale; we initiate a mutually beneficial technology partnership

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