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Streamline and optimize your business planning with our high-quality, cost-effective, and seamless Microsoft Consulting and Azure Cloud Services.

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Consulting Services

As a business, don’t you want to utilize personalized multi-channel campaigns? Microsoft Consulting Services are designed to offer optimum customer experience and consistent business growth.

AIMDek’s experience in various industries and domains has helped us perfect the science of delivering and building comprehensive Microsoft landscapes that yield expected results.

Our team of Microsoft Certified Professionals and Microsoft Azure Consultants  further equipped to work in collaboration with our process excellence and organizational change management consultants to customize solutions according to your business requirements.

Our Offerings

Azure Service

Our skilled and  nurtured Azure consultants allow seamless monitoring and management of Azure Cloud Deployments. From pricing structure to the implementation and support, AIMDek helps you leverage the benefits of the Azure service to the fullest.

Dynamics 365

We live in a world of data and to manipulate this information, you need Dynamics 365. It is an advanced platform to generate valuable data insights that help in organizational growth. You can easily collaborate and grow your team with Dynamics 365.

Application Development

With the help of this intuitive API set and programming model, we can create cutting-edge  Application development. At AIMDek, we help you implement .NET solutions for improved productivity. We offer consulting and support in .NET Core and .NET Framework.

BI & Data Warehouse

Allow our team and BI experts to help you extract the most from your BI and data warehousing solutions. Transform your business with meaningful insights; enhance performance, drive differentiation, optimize operations, and make faster decisions.

Office 365 & SharePoint

Optimize your business collaboration with SharePoint Office 365 consulting services. Our team has Office 365 consultants and experts to help you share data across various systems, manage internal collaboration, and handle documents of the business.

Maintenance & Support

AIMDek offers simple support and maintenance for every Microsoft or Azure service that you acquire from us. Our Microsoft customer support is designed to help you get through the implementation, migration, management, and maintenance of these services and solutions.

Our Approach

Over multiple years, AIMDek has ingrained transparency and reliable processes in every aspect of our Microsoft Consulting Services. This is why you will find that our services are simple and interactive. You can reach our experts to overcome business challenges and improve the growth trajectory of your business. Our ability to utilize new techniques in implementation and maintenance leads to better business efficiency.

Our Microsoft Technology Expertise

Industries Served


Why Choose AIMDEK For
Microsoft  Consulting 

  • AIMDek technology is a Microsoft Gold Partner and we have various certified and qualified Azure consultants and other experts on our team. Hence, you get the best product and consulting services.
  • With multiple years of experience in the industry, we can offer you an edge over other competitor organizations.
  • You can be assured that during implementation and Microsoft consultancy, we utilize only best practices and industry-recommended methods to meet your business requirements.
  • When there’s a requirement, we highly customize a solution to ensure that the solution resonates with the business and budget needs of the client.
  • Due to all of the above processes, we are able to help you achieve higher ROI and better agility.
  • Our solutions are cost-effective and simple. You will get support quickly in the minimum time possible.


Microsoft solutions are available for a range of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, financial services, utilities, real estate, transportation, distribution, retail, and many more. AIMDek\’s Microsoft consulting services are also operational across all these industries.

A Microsoft Certified Partner, such as AIMDek, offers Microsoft solutions, products, and related support services. These are official partners who help customers implement different types of technology enablement, projects, across various departments of the business.

Microsoft Azure is a widely known Microsoft offering that provides cloud computing. There are an array of cloud services, such as analytics, computing, networking, and storage.

AIMDek an ideal Microsoft or Office 365 consultant help businesses decrease their own cost of the product. They achieve this by helping you manage, migrate, and design your Microsoft 365 project in an agile, robust, and efficient manner.

Microsoft consulting services assist businesses to implement their Microsoft product usage. These services (such as the one provided by AIMDek Technologies) allow mapping business needs with the correct Microsoft product implementation. Throughout this implementation, the consulting service provider assists you to adopt and use the product efficiently.

If you want to become a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, you need to first have a Microsoft Partner Network ID. After this, you require a support plan and clear the credit check for the same. Further, CSPs are expected to directly pull customers, which also requires a billing structure.