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Our Digital Solutions That Help You Outpace The Competition

Explore AIMDek digital solutions that optimize your business operations and make your workflow, processes and platforms seamless

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Product Milestones From Our Self-Evolutionary Journey 

Being on a self-evolutionary path of learning, innovation and customer success, AIMDek digital experts often identify market gaps and customer pain points. To address these domain challenges, we have developed various digital solutions to help enterprises get ready-to-use solutions that can help them address these challenges and convert them into digital opportunities.

Solutions From Our Innovation Center


AIMDek’s multi-vendor e-pharmacy platform that sells medicines, diagnostics and telehealth online


Hassle-free Project Managment Software that enables process digitization and provides a collaborative platform for teams to connect, communicate and innovate.

Scrum Ninja

Scrum Ninja digitizes stand-up scrum meetings and enables online scrum submission between remote teams that are spread across different time zones.

Salesforce Products

Explore our domain specific Salesforce solutions that are designed to personalize Salesforce for your business, users and processes.

Liferay Products

Explore the AIMDek portfolio of Liferay plug-ins and solutions that can help Liferay users address their platform challenges with ready-to-use solutions.