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CGM Engineering

With Glucose Monitoring engineering its way
towards FDA-cleared non-invasive CGM solutions,
we help engineer CGM solutions to make the
paradigm shift from Consumer to Medical.

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Delivering CGM Accuracy
and Connected Systems
with Efficient Engineering

With a breakthrough on its way to Glucose Monitoring for the first time in 20 years, CGM companies are now on the verge of creating efficient continuous and non-invasive glucose monitoring that can get FDA clearance to become a medical CGM device.

We at AIMDek help CGM companies make those essential strategic partnerships with efficient technology solutions that can enhance the accuracy of CGM devices and increase their solutions’ accuracy as well as their efficient integration.

CGM Use Cases We Help With!

Enhancing Device Efficiency with AI Models

Whether you wish to achieve the targeted MARD with accuracy-driven AI models or increase the efficiency of your sensor with automated User Profiling of BMI and Skin Tone!

Compliance without Operational Compromises

Connect your CGM with provider solutions or create interoperability between CGM and Automated Insulin Delivery Systems with AWS data transmission accelerators.

Value-driven CGM SDK Development

We deliver efficient CGM device companion apps and their SDKs deliver a seamless user experience and increase the value proposition of your SDK for strategic partnerships.

Connected Systems and Cloud Integration Services

From Remote Patient Monitoring Systems to integrating your CGM solution with provider systems, we engineer integrated cloud and native solutions for our CGM customers.

Top CGM Software Development & Integration Offerings

CGM Companion Application

We deliver native companion apps with effective connectivity, security, and modern Experience that enhance your CGM’s value propositions.

AI & ML Models Development

Our AI engineers deliver AI-powered CGM solutions and platforms that increase solution accuracy and deliver predictive outcomes in Cloud apps.

SDK Development and Value-optimization

Our CGM expert developers deliver ISO 13485-aligned SDK solutions that comply with your strategic partnership and global expansion goals.

QE Services

Ensure the quality of your CGM solutions and introduce the necessary test automation that helps in all aspects of quality management.

Regulatory Assistance

For automation-driven V&V services and 510(k) filing readiness services, we deliver a cross-functional team of Regulatory Experts, Testers, and Developers.

Software, Cloud, and SaMD solutions

We engineer the supporting software SaMD and integrated systems that can help enhance the capabilities of your CGM solutions and bring your novel ideas to life.

Employ the AIMDek Edge

Value-driven offerings

Along with technical expertise, we have established protocols, processes and channels that ensure optimum transparency and seamless partnerships

Goal-oriented digital solutions

We ensure that all the digital solutions that we deliver to our clients align with their business goals and customer expectations

Cutting-edge IT infrastructure

With our ISO 27001 certified facility, we equip our technology experts with the latest tools and environment to ensure optimum quality

The rare pool of resources

Work with the top technology experts that have an entrepreneurial mindset and optimum exposure in all our target industries

The AIMDek partnership

We at AIMDek believe in walking the extra mile because we do not just close a sale; we initiate a mutually beneficial technology partnership

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