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Liferay DXP- a Market Leader in DXP Portal Solutions

Designed to deliver effective and cost-optimized digital transformation to enterprises, Liferay provides Liferay DXP open-source, Liferay Experience platform, Liferay Portals and integration capabilities. With enterprise DXP solution large organizations with high-traffic web platforms can deliver personalized experiences to customers, stakeholders, and partners.

Liferay DXP Consulting 
From AIMDek – Our Expertise

Deliver Tailored Experiences across platforms & connected devices
  • Create personalized interactions, solutions and applications for defined set of users
  • Centralized platforms for users to manage information, requests, tasks and transactions
  • Data-driven decision making, content delivery & optimization
Ensure seamless multichannel content, workflow, & permission management
  • Multi-site publishing and content management from one platform
  • Centralized knowledge base and collaboration platform with role-based permissions
  • Establish effective governance and security for sensitive user information and media
Boost revenues, sales, and consumer delight
  • Empower your customers with informed decision-making while making purchases
  • Smart recommendations, seamless order management and centralized ordering ecosystem
  • Self-service customer portals with sales and service support for effective customer service

AIMDek DXP Industry Expertise and Use Cases

DXP In Insurance
DXP Capabilities for Intelligent Underwriting
  • Data can be used to assess risks more comprehensively and make informed underwriting decisions
  • Create tailored experiences for underwriters and customers. Personalize underwriting process, presenting relevant data and insights to your underwriters and help them make data-driven and accurate decisions.
  • For complex cases, Underwriters get a collaboration platform to share insights, and leverage collective expertise to make better decisions
DXP Capabilities for Connected Claims Management
  • Ability for policyholders and agents to submit and track claims online
  • Empower policyholders to initiate claims, upload relevant documents, and receive updates on the status of their claims
  • On-demand and mobile access to store and manage claims-related documents, reducing paperwork and ensuring that all relevant information is easily accessible to claims handlers
DXP In MedTech
DXP Capabilities for Wearable Devices and Device Users

DXP can provide personalized recommendations, feedback, and notifications to users based on their wearable device data.


Increase user engagement and loyalty by creating personalized gamified and social features from device data and motivate users to achieve their goals.


Provide users visualizations, reports, and trends of their wearable device data.

Data Visualization Services for MedTech
DXP Analytics Cloud

DXP allows you to collect and analyze data from various sources, including wearable devices, and create dashboards and reports to gain insights and to take action.

Dataset Display

Using Dataset Display component you can display your data in different formats, such as tables, lists, cards, or charts. You can also build custom dashboards using Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana.

3rd Party Visualization Capabilities

You can also use Tableau and Power BI to display your data by integrating platforms with Analytics Cloud.

Data Visualization Capabilities for Healthcare Platforms
Complete Process Automation

Automate and streamline data collection, processing, and reporting processes, saving time and resources.

Enhance Provider Efficiency

Create data visualization reports using DXP by integrating existing systems and applications with emerging technologies, such as telemedicine, artificial intelligence, and wearable devices.

3rd Party Visualization Capabilities

Generate and analyze data from various sources, such as electronic health records, customer feedback, market trends, and wearable devices. Get reports for customer segmentation, content optimization, hypotheses testing, and other business results.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

DXP can also provide Business Intelligence dashboards to understand and optimize their user behavior, satisfaction, and retention by providing them with dashboards, metrics, and benchmarks of their wearable device data.

DXP In Healthcare
Unified Healthcare Digital Ecosystem

Create unique and personalized experiences for your users and define seamless user journeys with flexible solutions that align with your business processes.

Prompt Patient Actions

Provide access to relevant information and digital and remote services to your healthcare patients with self-service portals.

Remote Care Capabilities

Create a remote care ecosystem that goes beyond the conventional boundaries and provides secure and real-time access to user data to providers.

Medical Staff Collaboration

Deliver personalized dashboards and data access to your teams and provide them a collaborative platform with modern intranet solutions.

AIMDek Liferay DXP Offerings

DXP Consulting Services

Based on your domain, business challenges and target market, we help you employ the best OOTB DXP functions.

DXP Customization

Customize DXP and create personalized self-service portals, websites, and collaboration platforms along with defined business rules.

DXP Integration Services

Unify your disparate systems and create a centralized platform to manage your digital ecosystem from Liferay DXP.

DXP Upgrade & Migration Services

Experience seamless Liferay DXP migration as well as DXP version updates and onboarding at optimized cost and timeline.

DXP Testing Services

Deploy DXP portals and solutions and ensure seamless continuous deployments with AIMDek QA Automation frameworks.

DXP UX Design & UI Development

Get brand-optimized UX in DXP along with brand-centric and engaging front-end design to match customer expectations.