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Expertise in AI-powered SaMD solutions and their
PCCP-based Validation to continuous monitoring
medical device engineering!

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Cardiovascular Care
& its Quest of Delivering Actionable Medical Insights

Cardiac care RPM medical devices are cutting-edge monitoring, diagnostic, and therapeutic solutions that are designed with optimum accuracy and coupled with analytical capabilities. To battle chronic conditions and fatal CVDs, Cardiac Care Devices are using AI and analytics capabilities that can deliver actionable alerts and interventions to patients and physicians.

Delivering Continuous
Validation, AI-powered SaMD
Solutions, & Interoperability
to Cardiac Care

From active monitoring to early diagnostics and meaningful therapeutic interventions, we help Cardiac Care RPM devices work on various innovations to fight chronic conditions and Cardiac medical incidents:

  • Creating SaMD solutions powered by RPM device data and deep-learn ML models for effective and early diagnostics of CVDs
  • Integrations with RPM platforms and healthcare systems with HL7 compliance
  • Helping RPM devices make their device data meaningful for clinical trials and CROs
  • PCCP-driven validation testing and automated V&V approach for continuous validation

Cardiac Care Use Cases To Work With Our Innovation Engineers

Predictive Data Analytics Solution

Create unique SaMD solutions for cardiovascular that can help you create analytical solutions for CVD detection

HL7 Compliant DaaS Accelerator

Make your data accessible and meaningful for all your target markets with the Data-as-a-Service accelerator

AI-powered RPM Platform

Get an AI-powered RPM platform to reduce the burden of Clinicians and deliver data-driven decision-making

Automated Hardware & System Validation​

Automated data transmission testing from device to system to cloud and system alerts testing

Smart Device App and NLP Developments

Design immersive At-Home Care solutions with voice-activated health summary and smart mirror applications

Personalized Device Calibration

AI-driven UI to create hyper-personalized devices by empowering clinicians to calibrate the device based on women’s needs

Cardiac Care Software Engineering Offerings

Digital Engineering

IEC 62304 compliant Companion App, Physician/Physio/Care Giver portals, Cloud RPM Portal Development and virtual care platforms

Interoperability Services

Create strategic partnerships with DaaS Accelerator, App and API integrations, EHR integrations, and
third-party systems integrations

SaMD Development

Create data-analytics-driven ML-powered SaMD solutions that we can deliver diagnostic intelligence and deliver predictive outcomes

Cloud-intelligent RPM Development

Create an accompanying RPM platform for your cardiovascular device with ML-driven insights and data-visualization-powered analytics

V&V and Test Automation

Get experienced resources for Hardware and Software V&V to continuous validation for design control and ML outcomes with PCCP testing practices and automation.

Regulatory Assistance

Employ regulatory experts who can provide end-to-end FDA consulting right and become a part of your CoE to align regulatory processes with your business goals.

SDK Development and Value-optimization

Ensure effective and seamless integrations with vendor systems and create value-driven SDKs that ensure global expansion with our SDK development services.

Employ the AIMDek Edge

ISO 13485, IEC 62304 and ISO 14971 compliant development practices

Automated Validation Frameworks, Techniques and Solutions

Agile Development and QE Practices

FDA, EU MDR, DiGA and GDPR regulatory expertise

AI/ML Expertise