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Digital Solutions Are Transforming The IoMT And
Healthcare Industry At Large

On one hand, MedTech enables healthcare providers in creating, gathering, and managing critical healthcare data with a connected and interoperable medical device ecosystem. On the other hand, integrated digital healthcare solutions have enabled remote care and deeper analytics for hospitals and clinics to improve patient care. Together, the IoMT industry and digital healthcare technology advancement are driving the future of healthcare.

Market Challenges We Address For Medical Device Companies
Device connectivity and edge services
Device connectivity issues after version updates
Firmware update management
Edge Analytics 
Smart Device gateways
Data Ingestion architecture design
EHR integrations
SDK Development and Value-driven improvements
Machine Learning Modelling
Automation tasks in clinical trials
Determining Companion apps and its use cases
Patient/partner portal development

Digital Engineering And End-To-End MedTech Services

AIMDek is a full-spectrum MedTech engineering organization that collaborates with IoMT manufacturers to deliver innovative and integrated MedTech solutions. 

With a portfolio of services around FDA compliance, interoperability, device engineering and cloud computing, we collaborate with medical device companies to create patient-centric digital products and ecosystems:

  • Medical and wearable devices that enable modern patient and provider experiences
  • Seamless IoMT device connectivity with advanced data creation, processing, and analytics
  • Wearable and medical devices with innovative and patient-driven functionalities
  • Digital healthcare solutions that enable telehealth and continuous care
  • Cognitive tech platforms that generate valuable analytics and patient insights

MedTech Digital Engineering



Customer Segments
  • Medical Devices Manufactures
  • Healthcare Providers
  • MedTech Startups
  • Life Sciences
  • Clinical Research Organizations
Consumer Health Wearables

Create lifestyle applications for the open market or generate low-risk medical devices that can help patients with a healthy lifestyle

Medical Grade Wearables

Enable healthcare providers with remote diagnostics and monitoring with highly accurate medical devices designed for vitals self-monitoring

Ingestible Sensors

Create body measurement MedTech solutions and devices that help in identifying colonic diseases with non-invasive ingestible devices

Implantable Medical Devices

Create innovative medical use cases with tested and connected wholly or partially introduced medical devices for class III device applications

In-clinical Smart Devices

We help you design, develop, integrate, and test remote healthcare and automated in-clinical and in-hospital smart devices