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Delivered AI-powered Sensor Accuracy and RPM Capabilities to NIR Spectroscopy Non-invasive CGM & Blood Pressure Monitoring Medical Device

Industry - Healthcare/MedTech

About Customer:

Our Customer is a San Francisco based MedTech startup and they have built the first Non-invasive Medical Device for Continuous and real-time Ambulatory Care for Diabetes, Blood Pressure, and other such health biomarkers.

Customer Highlights:

  • Game-changing remote patient monitoring device including accurate measurements of Blood Glucose (8.5% MARD) & Blood Pressure (8.6 % MARD) with no need to manage an ongoing supply chain of finger sticks or needles 
  • Paired with Companion App and AI-based insights, their smartwatch provides a companion app that provides monitoring of key health markers like glucose levels, blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, breathing rate, and oxygen saturation 
  • Comprehensive web platform with Remote Patient Monitoring dashboards for Providers, Caregivers and Patients

Outcomes Delivered:

  • 100% removal of human errors from Fitzpatrick scale assignment 
  • 24% improvement in overall sensor accuracy and product calibration 
  • 44% reduction in time of deployment of device, PMS and RPM in third-party environments