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Offshore Outsourcing Partner for Enterprise and Startups

Offshore Outsourcing has become one of the most prevalent practices in the IT landscape today. More and more organizations are comprehending the significance of saving on costs and resources. This has, in turn, bred the culture of offshore outsourcing companies globally. AIMDek is positioned as an IT outsourcing company with a difference- where we recognize that maintaining and servicing your strategic areas is an arduous task while trying to strengthen your business in today’s competitive business landscape. We recruit and engage highly skilled IT professional for your quantified skill requirements, cater them facilities and allow you to manage them one on one for your routine tasks.
Irrespective of who you are- an independent consultant with sound domain focus or a software company or a marketing consultant, we are always fascinated in discovering opportunities to work collectively- sharing risk and revenue


Extended Development TeamExtended Development Team

Let us amass a dream-team of software professionals, scrum masters, and QA specialists just for you to extend your own IT team in an off-shore development environment. This exclusive team will help you cut down your operational costs and increase output

Outsourcing Partners for StartupsOutsourcing Partners for Startups

We leverage our IT outsourcing expertise and use a simplified and transparent approach to help you build a highly productive outsourced team as per your requirements. With our unique agile delivery approach, we go all-out to build products for global tech start-ups who are looking to build or mature their MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) and be a part of their success story.

Independent ConsultantIndependent Consultant

If you are an independent software consultant or an industry domain expert and if you feel there is any way you want to integrate your service offerings with that of ours to deliver an onshore/offshore solution, we look forward to talking over various potentials of partnering with you. Our team works on your behalf or if you wish you can use our brand and represent us to your clients.

Reseller PartnershipReseller Partnership

With our reseller partnership services, we empower resellers with customary marketing channels to sell our software outsourcing services with our/your brand name while enabling you to enhance your present service provisions through greater technological and geographical coverage.

Future-proof all your IT projects for new-age consumer demands with our comprehensive IT outsourcing services, saving you time, costs and hassle of hiring and retaining