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Healthcare Platforms and their struggles with Interoperability:

With the rising compliance bottlenecks and lack of interoperability standardization across different users, geographies and systems, healthcare platform companies that rely majorly on their medical data and its integrations with end-customers and vendors must face many integrations and data interoperability challenges! Some of these top challenges are:

  • Inconsistent data and lack of standardized data structure
  • Patient privacy and security
  • Lack of Communication Standards Across EHRs

We help you figure out Integrations in all your Business Verticals!

For all your collaboration from providers, payors and others that employ your platform to medical device and third-party SaMD or health app integrations that augment your data generation, we help you standardize, personalize, and provide access to your data in the most effective way for all with Healthcare Integration consulting!

AIMDek Integration Consulting Services

Identifying potential integrations

After collaborating with the stakeholders, we understand client requirements and deploy experts that can help them identify product roadmap that ensures optimum value-generation of the platform. 

Goal-oriented integration Definition

Based on the goals that you wish to define and the market standards of your target market, we help you elevate your platform and its technology stack to ensure that you can achieve your goals easily.

Compliance and Standards Consulting

While refining your healthcare platform and its capabilities, we also provide regulatory assistance that can help platform companies easily on-board new customers and expand into new markets with HIPPA, HL7 and FHIR compliant healthcare integration solutions.

Defining the required data mapping and transformation rules

To ensure that you can onboard new vendors or customers and their data seamlessly with minor customizations, we help you define your data mapping and transformation rules to make integrations seamless.

Continuous Data Optimization

For generating data accuracy and to provide optimum data usability and credibility to your end-customers, we also employ a Quality team that can optimize your data continuously and make it more meaningful.

Digital Solutions Development

For effective data visualization and easy access of your data, we also help you design, develop and integrate companion mobile, tablet and web portals and apps that can be used by both the vendors and the customers.

AIMDek Integration Ecosystem

Healthcare Engine Integration (On-prem & Cloud)​

Cloud Integrations​


EHR/EMR Integrations​

Employ The AIMDek Edge

CoE experts that can help with HL7, FHIR, SMART and other compliances 

End-to-end teams of strategists, data engineers, solution architects, integration experts 

Market readiness with standard integrations such as EMR, EHR, RPM and others 

Partnership offerings for all stages of Product Development Lifecycle 

Data readiness with Medical Data formats such as JSON, XMS, CSV, TXT, FHIR, SMART and others