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Bringing the best of AWS Architecture, Infrastructure and Security for Regulated Digital Medicine Created for Schizophrenic Patients

Industry - Healthcare/MedTech

About Customer:

Our customer is a leading innovator spearheading the Digital Medicines revolution. Our customer created an ingestible sensor paired with wearable devices that provides psychological biomarkers along with vitals and other vital information of Schizophrenic Patients. 

Customer Insights:

  • Our customer is known as the flag-bearer of innovation for creating a new category of pharmaceuticals: Digital Medicines 
  • The solution included an ingestible sensor, a wearable medical and application that helped patients in self-care, physicians in clinical decision-making with in-depth data analytics and empowered caregivers with reliable information. 
  • For their novel digital medicine solutions, our customer had accumulated finances of $300 Million+ in funding across the years 

Outcomes Delivered:

  • AWS Cloud setup with optimum load-balancing, scalability, security and optimum ML capabilities 
  • Reduced ML inferences EC2 ensured real-time alerts and notification 
  • Interoperable solutions that communicate with Companion App and connected Health Systems