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AI/ML Development
Services for MedTech

From AI-powered RPM platforms to SaMD based on
deep-learn ML, we help MedTech reshape analytics
with our AI/ML development!

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AI is changing MedTech
with Actionable Insights
and Interventions

From generating actionable insights about clinical operations to helping physicians make data-driven clinical decisions and helping patients recognize dormant medical problems or early detection of a medical condition, AI is bringing a new suite of clinical capabilities to MedTech.

Delivering Domain Expertise
to Introduce Novel AI

With digital engineers experienced in MedTech and an in-depth understanding of medical device processes and edge cases based on the use cases, we help MedTech companies navigate through novel AI solutions and help you create compatible and seamless deployments.

  • Engineers with experience in CGM, Vital Signs, FemTech and Cardiovascular practices
  • DevOps and DevSecOps engineers with ML inference experience
  • Cloud experts that can create a secure and compatible AI environments

AI/ML Use Cases that our Innovation Engineers can help with

Predictive Data Analytics Solution

Create unique SaMD solutions for healthcare with unique analytical models for disease detection and prediction

AI for Big Data Analytics

Create an AI-powered platform that can provide Role-based access to data and analytics of your big data to stakeholders

An engine to autofill validation reports

AI engine to verify and validate a document and highlight missing sections and irrelevant content, to reduce errors in the audit cycle

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)

Our ML experts work with your product and medical team to create CNN models for medical imaging analysis

Probabilistic classification in RPM

Create intelligent RPM with Naïve Bayes for disease detection or to predict adverse drug reactions based on biomarkers

Ensemble Methods-based ML

Integrate various diagnostic algorithms and combine risk prediction models for accurate prognosis, and outcome predictions

Cardiac Care Software Engineering Offerings

AI/ML Development

From predictive analytics with deep-learn ML to AI-powered analytical platforms along with data-visualization capabilities, we provide end-to-end AI/ML development

Backend and Hosting Consulting

AIMDek’s cloud consultants and MedTech experts help SaMD and IoMT companies create the perfect backend systems to host their AI/ML solutions

Regulatory Assistance

With growing AI adaptation, we provide regulatory assistance to MedTech companies for FDA compliance of cybersecurity, PCCP, specialized V&V and others

DevOps Services

Ensure AI best practices and create CI/CD pipelines for seamless deployments of updates with our cloud and DevOps services for
AI-powered MedTech devices

V&V and Test Automation

Get experienced resources for Hardware and Software V&V to continuous validation for design control and ML outcomes with PCCP testing practices and automation.

SDK Development and Value-optimization

Ensure effective and seamless integrations with vendor systems and create value-driven SDKs that ensure global expansion with our SDK development services.

Regulatory Assistance

Employ regulatory experts who can provide end-to-end FDA consulting and become a part of your CoE to align regulatory processes with your business goals.

Employ the AIMDek Edge

ISO 13485, IEC 62304 and ISO 14971 compliant development practices

Automated Validation Frameworks, Techniques and Solutions

Agile Development and QE Practices

FDA, EU MDR, DiGA and GDPR regulatory expertise

AI/ML Expertise