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InsurTech Software
Development Services

Convert your Business Challenges into modernized Insurance
Digital Initiatives with our Insurance Consulting and
Custom Software Development Services.

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Converting Business Bottlenecks into
Cutting-edge Solutions

Automated Quotes and Quotation Management

Connected Claims Management

Intelligent Underwriting

Seamless Digital Experience Engineering

Data Management and Analytics Solutions

Risk Management and Risk mitigation solutions

Insurance Compliance Management

DevOps support for CI/CD and Containerization

Customer Facing Technologies

Digital Product Development

Fraud Detection

Smart Contracts

Customer Segments 

  • Health Plans Insurance 
  • Life and Term Insurance 
  • Commercial Insurance
  • General Insurance
  • Reinsurance

InsurGuard – Digital
Transformation Accelerator
for Insurance Companies

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Customer Facing Low-code platform powered by AI, Process Automation, Digital Experiences and Cloud

Get a Custom-Tailored Low-code platform that helps in:
  • Accelerated Product Rollout
  • Policyholder Experience management
  • Policy Approval Automation
  • Connected Claims Management
  • Intelligent Underwriting
  • AI and Automation Solutions

InsurTech Engineering Services

Insurance Software Development

Get modernized Insurance software solutions that help you replace your legacy solutions and yet fit well with your current IT infrastructure. 

InsurTech App Development

Deliver digital experiences, products, services, and digitally native solutions that can help meet the modern needs of the market. 

Cloud Computing

Ensure seamless cloud transformation that aligns with your organization’s compliance, business, and digital goals. 

Infrastructure Management

From MDM to managing, maintaining, and updating your digital assets as well as your IT infrastructure, we help you with comprehensive managed services. 

Compliance Management

Keep your systems secure and aligned with the global compliance requirements with comprehensive compliance management. 

Digital Product Optimization

Keep your InsurTech products updated with the latest technological advancements in the market and evolving customer expectations. 

Insurance Integration Services

Eliminate Data Silos and create a unified platform that provides a single source of truth for effective and data-driven decision-making. 

Modernization and Reengineering Services

From build or buy consulting to modernizing your legacy systems and IT infrastructure, we help you create cost-effective modern digital solutions. 

Customer Facing Technology Development

From your public-facing self-service portals to personalization and digital commerce platforms, we engineer the best customer-facing technology solutions. 

Insurance B2B and B2E Portal Development

Whether you wish to automate or digitize your reinsurance and B2B vendor workflows or create empowering employee self-service portals, we deliver low-code insurance portals. 

Employ The AIMDek Edge

Digital Transformation

Rare Pool of
Experienced Resources

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