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Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Overview

An Open Source Web Portal Software: Unifying the disparate systems !





Liferay is an Inter-operable Open Source enterprise platform with a flexible architecture and an impressive product roadmap. Liferay portal is used worldwide because of its high-end functionality, compatibility with most major application servers and database platforms, and scalability.

Based on Open standards, Liferay portal helps organizations achieve exceptionally lower total cost of ownership (TCO). It is an open source web platform that offers enterprise portal solutions using Java and Web 2.0 Technologies. It is specially used for creating integrated solutions for content and network management, web publishing, and for creating customized Web portals.





Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is designed for creating exceptional, consistent customer experiences across web and connected devices. Leverage the features that tackle specific challenges around cloud technology, digital tools for your infrastructure and customer experiences initiatives.





Liferay allows you to deliver a connected experience to your employees, customers, partners through the web, mobile and other ecosystems. It also allows you to create, manage and integrate digital assets and social content to accelerate and collaborate in business. Liferay is featured as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms primarily for its flexibility, business agility, and scalability.


Horizontal Portal

Horizontal Portal

A flexible, reliable portal platform that grows with your business needs.

Collaboration and Social

Collaboration and Social

Connect people and systems through modern interface focused on work done.

Mobile Experience Platform

Mobile Experience Platform

Deliver mobile ready  experiences on one development platform

Content Management

Content Management

Create personalize experiences on a solid foundation of any project.

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

Efficiently organize and share enterprise assets on one central system.

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

Streamline common processes and gather information from your users.

Liferay Offerings

At AIMDek Technologies, we offer a full range of Liferay Consulting services that include development, Upgrade & Migration, Performance tuning, and support. With profound experience and consultative approach, AIMDek acts as your true business partner in your success than just being a service partner. Prepare your business for incoming changes with Liferay DXP


World’s leading open source enterprise portal solution, Liferay is used for structuring business solutions that deliver instant results and long-term value. We are experts of Liferay solution development and implementation, and our developers can design customized web applications to satisfy various business needs. We design and deploy Liferay portal applications using custom plugins to extend capabilities by integrating different programming languages. Our solutions are designed to be agile and scalable so that the company can expand the functionalities as their business grows. 

With AIMDek’s Liferay portal development, your company gains a centralized, virtual space where employees can collaborate and share information with various levels of user rights 


  • Exceptionally low cost of Ownership 
  • Role-based access for varying access to files, tools, and applications 
  • Keep ROI high and business agile 
  • Create communities and groups for interdepartmental or project-related collaboration 
  • Gain the most business flexibility 
  • Embed Mobile applications in mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones 
  • Ensure long term viability 


Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform has many feathers in its cap. It’s transformative and advanced features enable enterprises to gain a competitive advantage in their favor with real-time information sharing and complete control of users. The objective of migrating huge amount of plugins, data, and workflows into a new version that can seem overwhelming.  

At AIMDek Technologies, our objective in migration projects is to maintain business continuity and coexistence with existing applications. Our Liferay Migration experts help strengthen business transformation with Liferay Portal Migration and Upgrade Services. We not only migrate your servers and files from obsolete systems but also migrate your images, blogs, content, cached files and data securely. Our approach to upgrade is described below. 

Pre-Upgrade Phase – From assessing application architecture to ensuring data integrity making sure all the variables are factored and accounted for before going for an upgrade. 

Upgrade Phase – Setting up the environment, upgrading extensions, web content, the file system for completing functional and integration testing 

Post Upgrade Phase – Promotion to production after completing UAT and running necessary sanity checks on the platform.

Through the AIMDek’s experience and success in combating technical challenges effectively, we impress upon our clients the importance of upgrading their applications which ensures.


  • Avoid Maintenance problems 
  • Uniform architecture 
  • Easy Deployment 
  • Modern technology 
  • Well trained resources 
  • Avoid challenges of scalability problems 
  • No Business logic mix-ups 
  • Smooth integration with other systems 

Elements of the AIMDek  Migration Process: 

A three-phased approach of Analysis, Planning, and Implementation. 

At AIMDeK through our vast experience and expertise, we are well geared to integrate the Liferay platform with any of your other enterprise systems as well as migrate the entire historical data. 


Performance is the most important aspects to deliver user experience for any platform. Nobody has ever built a business on poor response time. The poor performance of your platform can lead to 1) Business loss 2) Decreased Productivity 3) Increased Maintenance Cost 

Our developers follow best practices to deliver an ideal portal and to ensure everything works at its best, they test the entire Liferay project to the limit, fine-tuning any issues and discrepancies 


  • Reduced cost of change 
  • It helps to detect and resolve hidden bottlenecks or performance issues 
  • Increases customer satisfaction and business volume 
  • Eliminate avoidable system rework due to performance issues 
  • Eliminate avoidable system tuning efforts. 
  • Enhance system performance by reducing additional operational overhead for handling system issues. 

AIMDek’s Liferay performance tuning services offer 40+ performance checks along with fixes and recommendations. We initiate assessment and based on findings, we offer to tune services to improve the performance of the portal. 


AIMDek provides Liferay Application Management Services (AMS) to ensure Liferay portal applications are running with nearly zero downtime. Our team ensures to enhance and extend the life of the applications and lets you focus on strategic and new projects initiatives. We have experience and expertise in supporting clients with Liferay product and applications with our team. 

Our Dedicated and experienced Liferay developers provide end-to-end support and Maintenance for all Liferay implementations resulting in smooth processing of different functionalities of Liferay projects. 


  • Eliminate software related problems resulting in slow down of your business. 
  • Individual problem fixes. 
  • Product usage advice. 
  • Reduction in operating costs and increases efficiency. 
  • Improvement in availability and reduction in downtime. 
  • Reduction in complexity. 
  • Eases resources and skills constraints. 
  • Agile solutions to the most complex portal related problems. 
  • Professional expertise in the immaculate maintenance of an application with all enhancements and bug   fixes in an organized manner. 

The 5 major building blocks for application maintenance and support which pave the way for the AIMDek excellence comprises: 

Defects, Change request, Incident, Capacity and Release Management 




    Liferay is a portal used for corporate intranet and extranet. It is basically a platform for web application development, which provides a range of features that help in website and portal development.

    Liferay Consulting Services offer to consult and support to implement and use Liferay in the correct manner. AIMDek Technologies offers Liferay Consulting Services, including development, implementation, upgrade, maintenance, etc.

    Liferay portal is useful for many industries, including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, finance, and other industries. Wherever open source development is beneficial, the Liferay portal can be used.

    The technology used to develop the Liferay portal is Enterprise Java Development Stack, and its web side has Struts Framework and JSPs.

    AIMDek Technologies offers comprehensive consulting for end-to-end Liferay implementation. We have a team of experts with wide experience in different industries. This subject matter expertise paired with your market knowledge helps us offer optimum support during Liferay implementation.

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