Quality Assurance & Testing Services

Assisting you to bring about quality transformation with high
performing end-to-end testing solutions

End-to-End QA Testing Services

AIMDek offers a wide range of Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services that comply with the highest levels of industry standards and security regulations across the entire software development lifecycle. We raise the quality of your products with our extensive expertise in QA, testing labs and leveraging our team flexibility while reducing operating costs, manage risks and time-to-market.

Full-Cycle TestingFull-Cycle Testing

We deliver QA and testing services across the entire development lifecycle which includes various tests like regression test, integration test, performance test, environment test, and user acceptance test

Project RescueProject Rescue

The team at AIMDek is proficient at rescuing projects in their mid-life cycles. We combine our smart strategies and expertise to identify flaws and shore up your application’s code.

Enhancements and SupportEnhancements and Support

We render continuous support and enhancement services in order to improve your product and make it run smoothly after it goes live.

We help you build quality into your products and application delivery life cycles at any given stage of your project. Counting upon your requirements and needs, our team is proficient in pinpointing existing flaws using comprehensive sets of QA and testing services while catering project rescue services with further support and enhancements to your product upon your necessity.

AIMDek’s Testing Services

We render agile testing services based on SLAs and your performance indicators ensuring qualitative and quantitative benefits to help you accomplish zero defects in your product. We thus help mitigate overall risk and allow the project to adapt to changes quickly.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is a crucial testing type to bolster the quality of any software system carried out in the initial stages of software development wherein it is responsible to keep up with the quality and functionality of the software system assuring the stability as the end result. Functional testing manages basic accessibility, usability besides functionality of the system and its relation to the end users.

Performance Testing

To ensure the delivery of product without any performance issues, organizations need to invest in performance testing which would assist them to meet the expected standards of their product performance. Performance testing tests the stability, speed, and scalability of your product under the definite workload. It also allows to detect any existing errors and rectify it before product release, enhances load capabilities and optimization. It helps validate the user experience.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is another important black box testing technique which ensures if the existing and old functionalities of your software are responding appropriately or not. The prime functionality of regression testing is to identify bugs which are introduced into the system accidentally while performing various changes and modifications in the system.

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is carried out at the concluding stage of the software testing procedure. It may be overlooked by several organizations who are keen on meeting their deadlines. UAT forms a crucial part of delivering stable and effective software and it comprises of putting your product to real-world testing to ensure it can keep pace in all the scenarios. By, UAT you make sure that the product supports your business and is working fine before its release.

System Integration Testing

System integration testing verifies the functionality, performance and reliability requirements for your product design. The design features are evaluated with black box testing. Leveraging ‘building block’ approach that further adds the assemblages that are evaluated to the verified base which is later used to support the integration testing of other assemblages.

Mobile Testing

Mobile applications are a must business-have and are at the crux of digital transformation across different industrial sectors. Customers today have become progressively intolerant to issues like functional defects in a mobile app, poor UX, underperformance or device compatibility and hence they always have this choice to easily switch to alternative mobile applications. This makes testing of the mobile applications business-critical. End-to-end mobile testing services which ensure the functionality, consistency, and usability of any mobile application.

UI Testing

Graphical User Interface (GUI) forms the first and the foremost interaction between a user and the software. For this very reason, GUI is expected to be attractive, recognizable and of high quality. GUI testing is performed to test if the interface functionality meets the specifications of the end users and satisfy customer requirements. Normally, GUI testing is implemented when the product is developed. But, performing GUI testing in the early stages of development cycle boosts up development, improves quality and reduces risks at the end of the development.

SOA/API Testing

Business communities require to keep pace with rapid changes by discovering new ways of reaching the market speedily as the
current business scenario witnesses high level of churn. SOA (service- oriented architecture) has gained demand for reusability across distinct systems and has become the most sought approach. To integrate these distinct systems through SOA, middleware testing is required. SOA/API testing can be implemented either in top-down or bottom-up approach which relies on the service user types involved and the testing scope. SOA testing precisely transforms your existing test artifacts into diverse performance and security tests to reduce redundancy and raise re-usability.API testing alleviates the cost of re-work by actively adjusting your library of tests as the services alter.

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360-Degree Software Testing Services


We offer tailored testing services for an entire spectrum of web applications assuring you that your application is cross-browser compatible and thereby meets the standards of:

  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Security


Team at AIMDek carefully tests compatibility, performance, reliability and user experiences of your mobile product on every platform
across a wide range of devices. Leverage our mobile app testing services to gain benefits:

  • Increased stability
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • High Performance


We assure you 360 degree quality of your desktop applications by rendering testing services that span across the entire architecture. We
ensure your application relishes:

  • Reliability
  • Interoperability
  • Hardware compatibility

Test Automation Services

Leveraging expertise in some of the best automation tools and frameworks, we offer test automation services ensuring you the software of the best quality and that you attain your regression cycles in time. We organize CBA (Cost Benefit Analysis) and POC (Proof of Concepts) to figure out the best automation approach as per your requirements.

Test Automation Strategy & Consulting

Crafting solid test strategies to analyze various functional and non-functional requisites of a software and rendering support for their authentication and confirmation

Automation Framework Development

Offering comprehensive and robust test automation platforms to ease automation regression testing and generate detailed test reports


Regression Automated Testing

Providing the highest test coverage with a minimal number of test cases to optimize costs and mitigate risks

API / Web Services Test Automation

Rendering hybrid, easy-to-use API/web service test automation framework to increase automation efficiency by reducing initial coding efforts

Mobile Test Automation

Rendering frequent testing, tests with diverse data sets and over multiple mobile platforms and hardware.

Our QA & Testing team follows the best practices to make sure the solutions are high quality. Trust us for quality testing services.