Driving productivity, efficiency, and engagement between
your employees, customers, and stakeholders with an
end-to-end intuitive collaboration solutions


We deliver collaborative capabilities, access to cumulative data and corporate social functionality to shape up engaging workplaces for various established market leaders, startups and medium-sized companies too.  We craft portals to cater exceptional user experience for all the internal and external stakeholders .helping various enterprises streamline their business processes with customized development, consolidated knowledge, intelligent collaboration, interface design and integrated systems.

End-to-end Collaborative Software Development

We employ a number of tools and technologies to develop collaborative portal solutions in order to organize and streamline your enterprise business processes. Our expertise in systems integration, delivering exceptional user experience and automation will enable you to reach out to those you need important information while allowing them to share real-time feedback.

We offer

  • Portal strategy and consultation
  • Designing and prototyping
  • Development and upgrades
  • Deployment and publishing
  • Support and maintenance

Key Features of Enterprise Collaboration Portal

We deliver collaboration solutions for business-wide and department-specific collaboration, regardless of what devices your employees use or where they physically reside

Document ManagementDocument Management

AIMDek’s Collaboration Portal offers secured document collaboration with features like editing, coediting, file management and version control.

Resource allocationResource allocation

AIMDek’s portal tracks project management documents online and displays real-time information to show the resources available for work allocations.

Communication MethodsCommunication Methods

To develop users interest in communication, we offer interactive methods like chats, emails and emojis to know statuses of various business activities.

Self-serve for employeesSelf-serve for employees

We empower employees to generate, collate and distribute their work across  varied verticals without any intervention, saving operational cost and time.

Unified PlatformUnified Platform

Following automated workflows, we offer a single unified portal which efficiently connects all the stakeholders ensuring queries being sorted faster.

Why Implement a Collaboration Portal?

  • Increased communication and improved collaboration
  • Resource allocation and time management
  • Process optimization
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Real-time updates and tracking
  • Content management and sharing

Drive strong collaboration amongst your workforce, customers and stakeholders by adopting a comprehensive, intuitive and interactive collaboration portal.