Healthcare Mobility

Improve health outcomes by delivering effective mobile healthcare services to
your patients by leveraging AIMDek’s healthcare mobility solutions

Mobility Solutions for Healthcare Industry

With the ‘mobile-first’ approach, the mobile technology and the healthcare apps has transformed the entire environment in which the clinicians and patients operate in.  Leverage AIMDek’s proficiency in providing extensive end-to-end mobile health application services where the app combines all the data you would want in an urgent care situation combined with comprehensive appointment requests, care finders and other necessities for your routine health checkups.

Applications of the Healthcare Mobility Solutions

Today, increased patient engagement and apt use of mobile technology are vital enablers of healthcare management for caregivers and care payers. Presently, healthcare workflows across entire spectrum from- physicians, patients, sponsors, facilities and communities is supported by mobile healthcare apps.

The key applications for healthcare mobility are:

  • Telemedicine
  • Appointment reminders
  • Diagnostic and treatment support
  • Remote data collection
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Disease and epidemic outbreak tracking
  • Communication and training for healthcare workers

Advantages of Healthcare Mobility

Mobile health apps have enabled a paradigm shift for the patients by enabling healthcare providers to take patient care beyond clinics.

  • Reduction in overall cost of care for patients
  • Reduction in administrative time for medical personnel
  • Allowing increased time for patients
  • Enhanced internal communication/processes
  • Managing patient expectations/demand
  • Opportunity to provide new services into new market
  • Decreases readmissions

What are your thoughts on mobile health solutions? Do you think aforementioned benefits can benefit your clinic? Explore what we have delivered in mobile health domain