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Delivered Data Interoperability to one of the United States largest Care Consortium  

About Customer:

Our customer is a California based care consortium that was established in 1945 and has been providing comprehensive medical care with their consolidated group of hospitals, medical groups and non-profit health plan initiatives.  

Customer Insights:

  • Customer has more than 35+ hospitals, 600+ medical offices and a personnel of 80.000+ physicians and nurses across the United States 
  • Customer has a total funding of $7.5 Million over the years 
  • Customers has a widespread network of healthcare ecosystem present in 8 states of the US  

Outcomes Delivered:

  • Complete data interoperability with compliance to the FDA interoperability standards 
  • End-to-end data ingestion, management, processing, and distribution ecosystem  
  • Hospital chains were able to export data with on-call APIs to the Clinical Trials organizations 
  • We delivered enhanced patient care, streamlined workflows, and delivered research collaboration