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Ensured Seamless Migration, Onboarding and Training from SharePoint Server 2016 to Liferay for International Blindness Fighting NGO

Technology - Liferay

About Customer:

Customer is an international non-profit that brings people together to fight avoidable blindness. With their network of partners, they train, treat and inspire local teams so they can save sight in their communities. 

Customer Highlights:

  • 379,000 eyecare professionals trained in 184 countries 
  • 26 million plus eye screenings and examinations conducted 
  • 450,000 eye surgeries performed  

Outcomes Delivered:

  • 98% functionalities and features retained in Liferay after migration 
  • Improved User Experience 
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Communication 
  • Centralized Information and Knowledge Management  
  • Complete Flexibility and future-proof customization  
  • Mobile Accessibility and Responsive Design with real-time data and function access  
  • Cost Efficiency with effective Liferay’s licensing consultancy  
  • Reduced Vendor dependency to the minimum