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Software Engineering of BLE Fitness Device To Break Work-life Sedentary Behavior

Industry - Healthcare/MedTech

About Customer:

For people that experience muscle tension and pain in the body due to increased sedentary work in their daily lives, our client created a smart device that users to get out of office chair and experience more energy with periodic movements.  

Customer Insights:

  • Our customer was an industry leader at Google and got the idea of the app from personal experience  
  • The organization has strong presence and sales in entire EMEA region​ 
  • The platform is designed as an encouragement platform that helps users keep their commitment to movement and healthy lifestyle and routing​ 

Outcomes Delivered:

  • 13% Reduction in development efforts with Agile Development 
  • 23% Containerization of code for optimum reusability 
  • 200% Increase in scalability of the cloud platform to better manage the load