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DXP Healthcare Consulting & Implementation Services

As Liferay Partner, we help healthcare providers, payers and digital health companies implement and personalize Liferay DXP platform and create a seamless digital ecosystem with self-service portals

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DXP Delivers User-Centric Solutions And Enables Digital Transformation In Healthcare

Whether you are a healthcare provider or a digital health company aiming for digital solutions that can deliver holistic and remote care or a health plan provider willing to create user-centric solutions and micro-services with faster go-to-market and lower TCO, Liferay can help.With Liferay Healthcare DXP and its business and user portals, healthcare, MedTech and life science organizations can introduce digitization in healthcare and engineer integrated digital health solutions and that too with an open-source low-code/no-code architecture. 

DXP Healthcare Consulting And Implementation– Aligning Liferay Capabilities With Your Business Goals 

AIMDek has a demonstrated history in developing and personalizing digital health solutions, patient portals, provider portals and others for our healthcare clients. We help our clients with:

  • Digital transformation in healthcare
  • End-to-end Liferay consulting and implementation
  • Employ our in-depth Liferay expertise and domain understanding for digitization in healthcare
  • Collaborate with our customers as digital innovation partner and deliver a competitive edge

Focus Areas

Integration Platform

Create unique and personalized experiences for your users and define seamless user journeys with flexible solutions that align with your business processes 

Self-Service Portals

Provide access to relevant information and digital and remote services to your healthcare patients/users with self-service portals  

Liferay Business Portals

Create a remote care ecosystem that goes beyond the conventional boundaries and provides secure and real-time access to user data

Intranet Solutions

Deliver personalized dashboards and data access to your teams and provide them a collaborative platform with modern intranet solutions

Integration Platform

Connect disparate systems and deploy new solutions on one centralized platform to create a seamless digital ecosystem 

AIMDek Liferay Plug-ins And Apps

Create healthcare-centric plug-ins and solutions for Liferay App Marketplace to deliver innovative and ready-to-use solutions for clients 

Customer Segments 

  • Healthcare providers 
  • Health plan providers 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • MedTech  
  • Medical Device innovators

DXP Healthcare Services

Liferay Healthcare Consulting

We deploy Liferay-certified experts that can create a personalized Liferay solutions portfolio that enables complete digitization in healthcare to attain business goals.

Liferay DXP Implementation

Based on your business requirements, AIMDek Liferay experts can customize and implement the DXP platform for your digital healthcare organization with an agile approach.

Liferay Development Services

Our Liferay Developers create dynamic websites with localization elements, develop and deploy self-service portals as well as micro-service web and mobile applications for health clients.

Liferay Integrations

Integrate your Liferay DXP, Liferay Cloud and CMS with your enterprise solutions and create a centralized ecosystem of digital systems with seamless interoperability. 

Liferay Experience Cloud

As your Liferay partner, we help you launch your healthcare personalized DXP on the Liferay enterprise cloud platform and gain capabilities to deploy digital solutions on the go

Liferay Migration Services

Migrate from your legacy and challenging solutions into the Liferay platform.  Hire Liferay-certified experts that ensure zero dark data and seamless onboarding.