Consulting Services

Transforming businesses by improving
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Software Consulting Services

Today, businesses operate in exceptionally shifting environment. The technology landscape is continually evolving to be more complex to meet the sky high demands of a competitive marketplace and empirical economy. At the same time, consumers are constantly asking for simplified, new and engaging experiences. AIMDek’s consulting helps enterprises by developing unique solutions to cater their complex business challenges and build value through innovation that is sustainable. As efficient consultants, we assist you design and accomplish market-leading performance roadmaps by fusing in our creative thinking, technology expertise and global reach.

Architectural Consulting

Complex software must be designed and developed on a solid foundation. Compelling software architecture acts as a blueprint for the future solution and acts as a crucial factor for developing robust, scalable and maintainable products.


Team at AIMDek helps enterprises facing challenges like poor quality, systems crashing, behaving abruptly and many more with their software systems. We can prove to be the right guide and partner to provide software architectural consulting services to enterprises who have made up their minds to develop their software products based on architecture-centric approach.

Performance Tuning and Assessment

AIMDek’s Performance Tuning and Assessment services delivers portal performance checks besides portal tuning and other technical suggestions to accomplish the desired user experience.


We help enterprises to improve portal performance by enforcing its performance best practices to include comprehensive architecture review and performance assessment services, load testing, cloud suitability assessment and hardware review, selection and implementation. AIMDek’s performance tuning and assessment consulting services will help you identify and fix issues whether you are looking to enhance solution quality, cut down optimization run-time or remedy a systematic flaw.

Enterprise Mobility Consulting

With mobility emerging as a fresh way of doing business for almost every organization, there is a paradigm shift in business strategies to go ‘mobile-first’ business. Enterprise mobility has stepped beyond data access to becoming omnipresent, enabling anytime-anywhere-any device accessibility to stakeholders as well as employees.


AIMDek’s Enterprise mobility services fuses with business processes to deliver engaging, enticing and easy-to-use mobile solutions. We offer an extensive portfolio of mobility solutions and services that empowers you to realize and leverage your mobility potential to deliver tangible results. We help you to identify the right tools, technologies and strategies best-suited for your mobility roadmap and to realize the best ROI of your investment

Digital Transformation Consulting

Emerging technologies like the cloud, data analytics, mobile, social media, AI, AR/VR are speedily coming up as transformative forces for businesses across almost all the industries. These technologies are transforming the way consumers interact with businesses while introducing new business models creating new revenue and cost saving opportunities.


We collaborate in creating a digital business strategy that perfectly aligns with your key business goals and leverages digital technologies to generate remarkable competitive advantage. With a comprehensive portfolio of services to help in digital transformation, we help support and drive your enterprise’s journey to unlock productivity gains across every level of your enterprise.

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