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EHR Software

Designing & Developing an EHR Solutions for Efficient, Effective and Collaborative Healthcare

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Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Healthcare industry has been seeing a number of technology trends on the rise of the AI, blockchain, consumer-facing app, EHR Software Solutions & IoT. AIMDek has the experience of designing, developing & implementing Healthcare software solution which is a complaint to the healthcare norms. The existing EHR lacks the digital experience functionality. We believe in providing the experience to doctors, staffs & the patients.

Automate Patient Healthcare With EHR Software

EHR software has to be robust, flexible and scalable. Its core objective is to provide the real-time information as and when required by the doctor and the staff. The system also needs to seamlessly integrate with other applications like billing management, insurance management etc. A custom EHR solution can do just that, it will be tailored built for a specific hospital or clinic. It makes it easier for the doctors & staff to adopt as the software would match their current workflow and get things even faster.

  • Digital copies of the patient health records
  • Efficient patient workflow
  • The reduction in operational expenses
  • Unified data between departments
  • Reduction in health record errors

EHR Software Creates a Secure & Collaborative Space

For managing patient data and being compliant about
healthcare norms you need to have a secure, collaborative, intuitive & scalable EHR Software. The healthcare records with real-time structured data are crucial for both doctors & the patients. Physical handwritten records can be misplaced which is crucial because all the health records have to be confidential. The EHR software has the capability of restricting user rights, hence making the data confidential and secure.

  • Improved access to medical records
  • Increased clinical / hospital efficiency
  • E-prescribing
  • Medical scheduling
  • Better analytics & reporting

Must-Have Features Of EHR Software

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Integration Capability With Other Systems
  • Charting
  • E-prescription
  • Patient Retention Module
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Dedicated Patient Portal
  • Role-based Security