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Partner Portal

Maximize engagement with your partners with customized partner portal development

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Increase Partner Collaboration
With Partner Portal

Partner Portal Solution allows an efficient management of hierarchies of stakeholders and business units in an organization wherein it serves an easy access to various channel partners helping them to close important business deals in no time. The most successful partner portals out there in the market are built on intelligent content strategies to provide relevant information to the partners whenever required. Partner Portal development services at AIMDek ensures you both, faster go-to-market and speed of doing business. Custom Partner Portal will augment partner empowerment providing direct access to marketing and sales collaterals along with other required technical details.

Feature-Rich Modern Partner Portal Functionallity

Digitizing The Way You Interact With Your Partners Using An Effective Unified Platform

Partner Profile Management

Fetching all the required information about the partner organization along with its employees to provide a partner system of records. Data includes marketing and sales activities, training statuses, incentive utilization and more.

Mobile Responsive

Enabling access to all the information and resources like leads, support, pricing, business intelligence, distribution and more within a tap by delivering exceptional user experience.

Easy Access To Document Libraries

Facilitating an easy and role-based access to all the necessary partner-facing documents like product data sheet, training materials, price lists, incentive guidelines and more.

Performance Monitoring

Facilitates tracking the performance of diversified partners at the organizational and individual level against set targets. This way you can constantly provide improved value to your partners while boosting productivity in your channel.

Lead Management

Facilitates to keep a track and meticulously analyze the performance of sales executives to make sure they engage in with the right prospects with a mighty online presence and integrated multi-touch campaigns that motivates CTA.


Allows to set event triggered notifications to your partners for licenses, policies or subscription renewal dates thus enhancing the channel and customer satisfaction.

Partner Training And Certifications

Allows to create, promote and automate the delivery of training materials and hence to test and certify the knowledge and track
partner progress.

Marketing Tools

Allows access and downloads to sales and marketing collaterals.

Benefits Of Patient Portal

Driving greater engagements between partners by ensuring optimum efficiency and maximum ROI with result oriented Partner Portals

Our channel marketing experts are seasoned in best practices. AIMDek’s Partner Portal solution mainly focuses on increasing conversion points with efficient consultation and training modules with extensive reporting that will eventually contribute to higher profitability. From catering speedy access to various tools and resources, marketing and sales collaterals as well as training, we ensure your partners have everything they need to trade more productively while raising loyalties to your solutions and businesses.

  • Greater Performance Visibility
  • Comprehensive Access Control
  • Custom Vendor Management
  • Streamlined Communication
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Uniform Policy Implementation
  • Complete Management Control