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Patient Portal
Software Solution

Managing & Engaging patients made easy!

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Patient Portal Software Solution

Digitization of healthcare industry has increased the demand for the Patient portal, EHR Solution & Hospital Management System. These systems improve the quality of the service provided by the healthcare organizations.

What Is Patient Portal?

Patient portal makes it convenient for the patients, doctors, and staffs to collaborate. It enables efficient tracking patient information, prescriptions, interactions & past records. This also streamlines patient scheduling and managing billing & insurance. Patients will have access to health reports, diagnosis & lab results in real-time. In the US, without patient portal healthcare organizations (hospitals) do not qualify for incentives.

  • Secure login
  • Document management
  • Calendar
  • Appointment management
  • Profile management

Patient Portal Mobile App

Digital transformation has made it possible for the users or customers to get in touch with an organization through multiple touch points. Healthcare industry has adapted to enterprise mobility to improve the patient experience securely. The mobile app makes it convenient for the patient to check the appointment, medications, lab results & history.

  • Secure messaging
  • Review notes & past history
  • Appointment alerts
  • Real-time update
  • Access anytime & anywhere

Benefits Of Patient Portal

The patient portal has enabled the Hospitals to keep the patients engaged and well informed. The patient portal combined with an EHR solution gives a delightful patient experience.

AIMDek has a team of expert designer & developer to build an intuitive robust secure patient portal. We build custom patient portal because all the hospital has their own processes which set them apart. And the patient portal should be scalable and have 3rd party system integration capability

  • Makes it easier for the patients to schedule the appointments, view test results, pay bills and securely message doctors
  • Critical patient health information is made accessible making the treatment decisions more informed.
  • Portal & mobile app are 24/7 accessible on any device.
  • The patient can sit at their home and fill out those pre-registration form, making it convenient.
  • Patient portal ensures patient rendition & better clinical outcomes.