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Gone are the days when conventional approaches were used for doing business. Today, enterprise web application development can make the entire web portal more enticing. AIMDek serves as a full stack vendor undertaking end-to-end enterprise web application development projects for established market leaders as well as emerging businesses with technology at their heart.


Engaging Experiences On Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile


Remodel your business to fit in with the contemporary cross-platform reality with AIMDek. By utilizing comprehensive UI/UX and front-end expertise, our web application developers continually deliver rich user experiences:


  • Functional, user-friendly and visually fascinating web applications that work enormously well on mobile and tablet devices
  • Modernization and mobilization of existing legacy web interfaces

Design, Development And Optimization

The team at AIMDek, being an enterprise web application development company, prioritizes the highest level of fault tolerance, scalability, reliability, availability and transaction throughput while designing, constructing and implementing web applications. We build the right solutions leveraging right tools and technologies

We offer expertise in

Technology Consulting

Team of experts at AIMDek perform comprehensive evaluation of your project requirements and feasible technology stacks to assist you select the most relevant and appropriate option.

Discovery and Planning

We help in defining the project strategy & the roadmap, analyze & clarify requirements and formulate required documentation to guarantee you are resolving the issues and optimizing the actions.

Software Prototyping

A solid proof-of-concept assists you to gauge the feasibility of your concept for implementing it in the real-world and determine the potential of your idea by consuming minimum resources.

The Advantage Of Our Delivery Workflow

Our project teams establish, configures and manage the entire web application delivery environment and related workflows with a vision to transform your web application into a reliable force for true agility in the cut-throat competitive marketplace.

Cross-Functional Teams

The team at AIMDek acts as an able cross-functional business capability enabler by  undertaking complete responsibility from application development to production and vice-versa across the full application life cycle.

Accelerated Time-To-Value

With proven DevOps approach and using all-round deployment automation, our team manages to ship new applications and features as intermittently as you need to proceed safely on the path of innovation.

Densely Customized Projects

By offering enticing experiences with open-ended customized projects, we empower enterprises to have a competitive edge in their respective businesses by leveraging software and connected devices.

Versatile Security Considerations For Every Project

Architectural patterns and industry trends are forever evolving, but security concerns are here to stay forever for various businesses and end users. AIMDek prioritizes security as a basic component at every stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). We take comprehensive measures to cover security controls across every aspect of your web application project

Application Security

  •  Source Code Analysis
  •  Application architecture review
  •  Attack vendors identification
  •   Vulnerability scan

Customer Security

  •   Segregated project infrastructure
  •   SLA guarantees
  •   Security & IP protection policies
  •   Software pre-certification support

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