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Strategy Consulting

We provide technology consulting to our clients for the foremost digital strategies to strengthen their business proficiency, productivity, cost effectiveness and growth in revenue. Our expertise in different industries & functions along with many years of technology experience, enables us to strategize the best available solution for our client’s digital requirement.

Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping is important when there are uncertainties on market fit or capability of technology stack selected. We help enterprises and startups in building prototype in various ways: demonstrable static prototypes, minimum viable product (MVP) and Proof of Concept (PoC). We leverage latest tools & technologies which makes development very fast using code generation and scaffolding.


We have expertise in development of full cycle softwares and customization to existing software suites. We deploy best tools & technologies available for the development of your product and use various standard tools to assure code quality and smooth project execution.

Quality Assurance

Quality is our focus in each stage of the product development. We use maximum possible automation tools to continuously test the product and reduce human errors. At the same time our manual testing team put themselves into end user’s foot and make sure that ultimate product experience is delivered for end users.

Cloud Computing

It’s not just infrastructure but many of the common/reusable modules of a product are available as service by various cloud services provider. With our expertise working with best providers of IAAS, PAAS & SAAS we can help you in moving your existing infrastructure to cloud and leverage them for new product.

Implementation and Roll-out

Our process & research driven approach makes sure of successful implementation and rollout of any enterprise solution for your organization. We understand all the aspects related to  implementation and rollout, perform only desired customization to consider future upgrades and make sure that there is zero resistance from end users to adopt the new solution. 

Support and Maintenance

Professional support & maintenance services helps you in reducing TCO for your software system and guarantees a consistently smooth & reliable experience to users. Our tailor made offerings and process driven approach to support, maintain & enhance a LIVE system make sure of uninterrupted access to users and minimal overhead to business.

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Enterprise Portal

Bringing people, processes & information on the same platform allows an extended enterprise to reduce operational overhead and focus on core business. AIMDek’s enterprise portal offerings allows you to build intranet, extranet and other solutions with desired level of security, accessibility and integration to digitise your business.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Our expertise in healthcare domain knowledge, healthcare technologies, regulatory compliance and security compliance helps organizations around the world in delivering quality care. We have been successfully offering Healthcare IT solutions for EHR, EPM, HIE, Patient Portal, C-CDA, CDS, Healthcare Intelligence and mHealth for various segments.

Content Management

Today’s ever growing content requires strong strategy and tools to organize, store and search various forms of content for an organization. With our expertise working on open source & proprietary solutions for Content Management,  we deploy best strategy & tools to manage lifecycle of content at your organization.


Mobile revolution is at it’s best and every organization has it in their roadmap to achieve mobility for their old systems or new products. AIMDek’s technology expertise on mobile platforms, applications integrations and various domains helps in implementation of your enterprise’s plan to enable mobility.

Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI)

In the era of speciality softwares, an enterprise is always dealing with many different softwares and the purpose is only achieved when they all come together to share data & business processes. Our expertise in various software systems and architectures enables us to strategize and implement the best suitable middleware system for integration of various applications

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Managing potential customers to existing customers is the most area for any enterprise. AIMDek’s expertise in CRM solutions, applications development, applications integration and sales domain enables us to rollout the desired CRM for your enterprise.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Your ever-growing business demands an ERP system to manage your resources. You can keep an eye on each phase of your business from warehouse to sales. We develop an ERP system as per your business objective.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Quality of manufactured product and scale of production requires well defined system to manage lifecycle of product from it’s conception, design, manufacturing and services to disposal. Our domain expertise along with experience on latest technology solutions will be a perfect match for implementation of PLM at your extended enterprise.  

Business Process Management (BPM)

Every industry has it’s own standard processes and each organization will have their own tailored version of such processes to stay ahead in the market. We understand all the aspects of an organization and it’s domain to strategize the best suitable platform for managing the business through processes, which your team would love to follow. Our expertise in open source and proprietary solutions for workflow management and applications integration, enables us to build the desired system.   

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Our Healthcare offerings cover technology solutions and services for various healthcare segments, regulatory compliances,  public health programs, healthcare intelligence and collaborative care.


ecommerce presence is must to have now for bricks and mortar sellers. Organizations of all size are working on to reach their consumers through this channel. We offer technology solutions and services to build user friendly, search optimized, secure, multi-tenant, scalable and well integrated ecommerce platform for any type of electronic transaction business.


Classrooms has moved from whiteboard to digital devices, delivering simplified learning experience to everyone from any part of the world. AIMDek provides education domain expertise, technology solutions and services to educational institutes and organizations in achieving their digital transformation goals.

Sports and Fitness

Our experience in sports, fitness and leisure industry enables us to understand the business need and consumer behaviour shift. We provide digital solutions and services to reach and retain consumers through new channels like mobility, content and social media.


Manufacturers continuously focus on reduction in operation cost and improving product quality to deliver value to customers and partners. We offer manufacturing domain expertise, technology solutions and services to  ever changing needs of manufacturing industry.


Signups, claims, payments, approvals and verifications are happening in digital way now. AIMDek provides insurance domain expertise, technology solutions and services to various segments in Insurance industry to transform their business with digital innovations.

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