eCommerce Portal Development

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End-to-End eCommerce Portal Development Company

eCommerce portal development and designing have become a must in order to drive massive traffic to your online store. Gain a competitive edge over your competitors by commencing an online retail store for your customers. Beat distance barriers and assist your customers to shop from the coziness of their home/office and eventually become a global brand. AIMDek is positioned to offer effective and personalized e-commerce portal developments, catering fully customized e-commerce solutions to help your B2B/B2C businesses flourish which are driven smoothly, dynamic, responsive and easily navigational.


Our highly skilled team of developers stay abreast with the latest industry trends to propose up-to-date e-commerce web designs, shopping carts, themes, module-developments, plug-ins to transform your e-commerce portal into a selling machine. They ensure your e-store offers maximum flexibility and revenue to your business. AIMDek persistently works to help you accomplish your business goals leveraging our advanced e-commerce business strategies.

Agile B2B and B2C eCommerce Portal Development

Whether you are a developing business looking for some adaptable system which responds faster to changes or a well-established business wanting to build a robust B2B or B2C e-commerce platforms to expand your digital presence, AIMDek’s e-commerce solutions virtually fit perfect for every business style and website design. We help you develop a sustainable e-commerce portal that fits perfect to your business needs and drives growth


B2B eCommerce Development

Efficiently sell online to your business customers with our tailor-made B2B e-commerce solutions. We are exclusively placed to customize a solution that complements your business processes and seamlessly integrates with your system infrastructure.

Our B2B e-commerce solutions will empower wholesalers to effectively manage product catalogs, invite various B2B clients to place orders online while being able to track orders in real-time. Businesses can centralize their customer communication and transactions across varied channels, locations and brands make it simpler for business customers to look for products, place orders and track their shipments.

Competent of handling a limitless number of products and product categories, our tailor-made B2B e-commerce platforms are supremely suited to high volume distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

B2C E-Commerce Development

Today, the online shopper expects a unified and simple process when they attempt shopping for their personal products. They demand effortless user experience, one-click shopping and a host of other features like sale alerts, notifications, order tracking, live chats etc. They expect brands to cater highly relevant and smooth interaction on multiple touchpoints-PC, tablets, phoning call center, social networks, smartphones and walking into the store.

Our B2C e-commerce solutions are way more than just online sales and shopping cart platform for your website; it is a mighty and multi-faceted marketing, management and order processing resource that can be tailored according to your business requirements.

We help you elevate your website from simple order taking the system to a smart and intuitive, conversion hungry machine capable of providing smooth, personalized online experiences to all of your business customers across all the digital channels. Augment conversions, loyalty, and customer satisfaction via offers, promotions and merchandising customized particularly for them while delivering the same experience across multiple devices with a responsive design optimized for multiple breakpoints.


Enable your customers to shop everywhere they go anytime they want with your M-Commerce app. Customers, today, relish the ease of shopping within a few taps and swipes on their smart devices and businesses benefit largely from this in terms of quick sales.

We cater businesses with mobile-optimized solutions that extensively covers mobile websites along with mobile applications. Our skilled team of developers can conjure highly efficient m-commerce apps for your businesses and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

eCommerce Integration Services

Retailing encompasses numerous independent activities, starting from procurement to post sales. Each of these activities is driven by numerous IT systems which carry out specific functions. It is extremely important that these systems are effectively connected with each other and are able to communicate smoothly in order to ensure seamless business operations. Furthermore, the recent trend of omnichannel retailing has made IT architecture increasingly complex. Today, businesses not only struggle in incorporating modern technology platforms but also in integrating them with the existing systems.


Retailers require end-to-end IT solutions which are capable of not only carrying our specific functions but also be able to cater centralized control to monitor everyday operations. AIMDek addresses such complexities with a thorough understanding of retail applications and their integrations and caters hassle-free handling of retail operations with centralized monitoring

AIMDek facilitates retailers in integrating e-commerce platforms with other systems and carry out functions like analytics, live chat, email-marketing, logistics, reporting, ticketing, PoS, payment gateways and so on thus unifying various independent operations while providing a single-portal which can be monitored and maintained.

AIMDek’s eCommerce Portal Development Approach

AIMDek’s sole emphasis is on developing e-commerce solutions that can optimize online sales for clients while helping them to gain new customers while retaining the others.


We transform your vision into reality by discovering fresh ideas while analyzing the best-fit methods and investing our creative minds and techniques to fulfill your business requirements.


We assess diverse possibilities to ensure you an exceptional e-store design which perfectly fits your business requirements


Leveraging the latest techniques and innovations we develop your e-commerce portal on an advanced platform which can deliver the best results to you


We meticulously test the website to ensure the e-commerce portal is bug-free and reliable to meet the business needs.


Catering continuous availability for technical support and maintenance of your e-commerce portal developed by us

Shopify Development

Shopify development and customization services prove to be the ultimate solution for an engaging, enticing and money-yielding e-store. It caters to tailor-made Shopify store development, theme development, API development and migration services.

Shopify offers a multi-channel platform with unmatched scalability empowering you to grow your business. It also enables to launch new sales channels across social, mobile, marketplaces and in real life while allowing to set up wholesales for massive volume buyers easily. Besides this, Shopify API connects directly with all chief enterprise e-commerce platform integrations.

Empower personalized customer experiences through our end-to-end custom e-commerce solutions